you LOVE when eat all your own cum for Me, don’t you?! It’s amazing just how addicted you are to eating your cum for Me. Hahaha…

Seduced into CEI for the Rest of your Life
Back again to jerk off to Me knowing that I'm going to make you eat it..

Eat it Like a Bitch
It has been a while since one of your CEI sessions with Ashley. She has a special idea. Ashley wants you to go get a shot glass. Do you have it ready? Good.

CEI With Shotglass
Cum Eating Compilation

Cum Eating Compilation

There's nothing like having a quick jerk off session right before bed. Releasing every last drop of cum you've built up throughout the day.

Bed Time Snack
You have had a long, stressful day. As I consumed your brain for most of it, you are pent up and full of cum.

The Ritual
Hey there my little cum slut. Are you ready to stroke your cock for me today?

Cum Eating Instruction for Sluts
You think that you have what it takes to be a good sex slave?

Sex Slave
I know how much you want me and I love teasing you just how much you can't have me.

Ruby's Red and Green Game
You will need a dice for this video. There are 6 ways in which I want you to clean up after you jerk off.

Foxxy's Jerk Off and Cum Clean up *custom clip*

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