Yes, you’re going to stroke to your shame of a lifetime of rejection, and realize that you only deserve to be degraded and humiliated and become a filthy cum eater.

Virgin Loser CEI
Ohhhh, fuck!!! He’s blowing a huge load all over his pretty panties!!! LOL

Swinger Wifes Handjob Humiliation
I look sexy as hell tonight so I am going to give you one last chance to cum

Last chance to cum
You’ll do whatever task the wheel lands on with no exceptions.

Wheel of Misfortune: Game 1
I brought you a cup of semen from some hot guys...

Ruining Your Orgasm and Taunting You In My Bikini!
The only way you are going to be the perfect little sissy for me is to have lots of dicks in your mouth.

Afraid To Be Pimped Out
You so want to go through with eating your cum, but I think what's stopping you is that nothing happens if you don't, right?

Prove It CEI
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