Get ready to entertain ME ! I am so bored and you will do ANYTHING to make me happy because you love to serve me!

 Interactive Humiliation Assignment! Entertain your Princess
Your room-mate is obsessed with seeing you eat your own cum. She just likes the thought of making you do it.

Cum Eating For Roomie

Whether you're an experienced cum eater or a CEI virgin, you've picked a hell of a hot clip today!

I Know Why You Love Cum Play Porn
You can pretend what it would be like to be him, before I lock your little dick into chastity and make you swallow all that cum...

Goddess Amy Makes You Eat Cum Before Locking You in Chastity
Hopefully just one pump of cum that does nothing to relieve your blue balls but still is enough to eat!

Edge Whoops Eat
You are my little fuck bitch and now do exactly as I say, at the end there is a really nice treat for you if you impress me...

My Little Fuck Boy
The only way you deserve pleasure is by jerking yourself in a depraved way and by cleaning up your mess afterwards. Your dirty, toxic spooge, needs to be disposed of, and you're the perfect receptacle.

Milk Your Cock And Drink Your Milk
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