Are you ready to serve and submit to your Misstress, turning yourself into an absolute rubber toy for me to use. I want you to gimp up for me, polish my catsuit and boots with your tongue.

Claudiahon - You are my rubber slave
It really is like magic, isn't it? Anytime you see me, you fall completely under my spell! Your cock gets rock hard and you're powerless to resist my demands.

ScarlettBelle - Like Magic
This is a personalized JOI video and I use the name Douglas occasionally. You can buy your own JOI through my store items!

PeachySkye - JOI, Denial and CEI
It's fair to say that Santa most definately CAME last night! In doing so, he left us both with a ginormous present! After hearing rumours about Santa's cock, I just had to wait up for him and find a pleasurable way to drain his baubles!

Ruby Onyx - Santa Dropped His Load!
I know how desperate you are to touch Me, to know the suppleness of My skin and the warmth of My embrace. Only a lucky few have had the honor, and you have yet to earn that. Still, I want you to taste the intensity of your desire.

Master Ruby Bridget - Taste your Desperation
Nicole wants to stretch your asshole out with her pegger. She knows you love your asshole filled up. She fucks you while dirty talking to you. She wants you to bust on your face and lick up every drop!

Nicole Nabors - Pegging and CEI
This video requires a chastity cage and for you to begin with your cock locked up for me. Have your key near by to remove your cage when instructed to do so. Fun twist at the end. (This is a sweet femdom style)

Mandy Madison - Unlock Your Cock For Your Goddess
Bi-Sexual, Cum Eating Instructions

MoneyGoddesss - Bi Cum Eating Instructions
I want you to cum in your hand and lick it up for me.. (while bouncing my tits)

NicoleBelle - CEI - Cum in your hand and lick it up
I helped myself to a shopping trip with your credit card and I want to hear you beg me to show you what I bought. I know you're weak for shiny, thigh high boots. You're whimpers turn me on. I got these boots for my next hot date, not for you.

Bad Bella - Boot Worship CEI
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