I love that you came to work with me today. It’s not everyday you get to visit a porn set. And today is a big blowjob scene with one of the biggest dicked male pornstars! I’m gonna have you help me! Your’e gonna be his fluffer! Now sit there on your knees and just stay ready to use those cock sucking lips for me.

Legendary Large Loads On Your Face
Will you eat your cum today? Or will you survive my game without having to swallow down that hot load? The outcome depends on you, on your skill and endurance. But we both know you won't make it through. You'll lose my teasing little CEI game, because isn't that what we both want?

CEI Game
You're such a cum addict. I bet you're dying to jerk off to me and swallow your next big load for me, aren't you my little cum slut?

Talking With Your Mouth Full
I’m gonna make you edge and edge until you’re a pro at licking up your own cum… but no full orgasms for you! Oh no… your gonna have only repeated failed orgasms and train yourself you eat your cum for me. You’ll remain unsatisfied and burning with full aching blue balls for me!

Stroke, Dribble, Scoop, Eat
Controlling your orgasms is so fun, especially when you're so ready to cum where I want, when I want. And you already LOVE eating it, you love tasting and swallowing for me.

Self Serve CEI

I'm going to give you the best workout routine ever, my little cum slut. You're going to have to earn that hot steamy load! I'm going to have you to various different workout exercises, all slutted up of course! So be sure to have a butt plug and dildo ready, and work your way up to a nice creamy load to the face!

Cum Slut Workout
Kaylee is so horny and all she can think about is busting a nut all over herself! She walks in and immediately starts touching and fondling herself. She rubs both her pussy, backed up balls, and extra long shaft. Then, she give herself a nice long blow job. When she feels like she can't possibly hold it in any longer, she lays down and lets her hot jizz rain down on her. But cumming once is not enough to satisfy this horny vixen. She goes for a second orgasm and unloads sticky semen all over her face!

Cute Cum Guzzler
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