Hey my little bitch. I know you’re just waiting to take that first little sniff for me, aren’t you? There’s something about that warm sensation that just sends you flying.

Poppers Erase Your Boundaries, Now Eat Your Cum, Puppet

It's easy, you just follow my instructions and there you have it.

Lick Cum From Your Lips
You share a fantasy with lots of other men: the self-sucking fantasy. You love the feeling of a blowjob so much that you wish you could do it to yourself.

Self-Sucking Fantasy
Today I will make you eat your own filth. Yes, yes, you will. And yes, it is disgusting, but we both you've had this fantasy for a while, all you need now is a little bit of My help.

You will eat your filth for Me!

Get in front of your mirror, loser. I want you naked and vulnerable...you need a reminder of how fucking pathetic you are.

Loser Reflection
You know Im the best at getting that cock hard and shooting loads of cum everywhere.

Cum Sucking Whore
Do you see these 2 fingers of mine, whore?I bet you can guess where they've been. Shoved up my asshole and ready to be licked clean.

Clean Up Slut
Sensually Dominant & sensually humiliating cum eating instruction scene where I show you how to get your legs up over your head so you can cum on your own face for me.

Cum Eater Encouragement
How many times can you lie to yourself? I mean, seriously, we both know you crave your cum.

I Know You Want To - CEI
You've explored just about every fetish you have. That is, except one. This fetish disgusts you, but no matter how hard you try, you can't stop thinking about it.

Make You Eat Your Cum
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