So desperate that you might do something as silly as...eating your own cum.

Stroke and Suck
It's lunchtime here, and I have the perfect dish for you.

Cum sandwich

Today you will be tasting and savoring your asshole juices for you sexy goddess.

Ass To Mouth Instructions With A Twist
I want you to save up a bunch of your cum (at least a half of a shot glass full) and store it before watching this clip.

Cum Covered Cock
Do as I say, its very simple loser.

Are you hungry, pet? I have something special planned for you -- your favourite snack. That's right, you're allowed to eat your own cum again.

Your Favorite Snack
You love every minute you have with me especially when I am telling you just how to stroke and eventually how to lick up every last little drop.

Cum Eating Sluts
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