I am here for that special day when you lose your cum eating virginity.

CEI Virginity
The stakes are high: a big self-facial and mouthful of cum if you lose.

Dangerous Edging: CEI Game
you'll lick up your cum eagerly at My command

Steamy CEI From a Mistress in a PVC Dress

Added: 1/20/20
I’ve decided to reward you with a VERY SPECIAL “date night” since you’ve been such a good slave lately.

Rewarded with a Pillow-Fuck
Don 't worry I will allow you to cum at some point during our time and when you do you will lick up every last drop.

I Only Undress For Your Pain CBT
I make you a deal... if you see me in my bodystocking... you gotta cum in a shot glass and drink it!

Keep Filling That Glass With Jizz

Added: 1/28/20
I want to be entertained. Guess what that means, loser? That's right, it's time for you to eat your cum.

You WILL Eat Cum

Added: 12/6/19
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