You're back for another special session with your boss. You're still annoyed that she wouldn't let you cum last time.

Boss Makes You Eat Your Cum
You love how disgusting you are. You’re so fucking gross but you love the humiliation of eating your own cum.

CEI Ass Worship For Cum Guzzling Freaks
Cum for me. Good boy. Now to practice for tomorrow night, I want you to lick it up. Lick up your own cum.

Get Used To Sleeping On The Sofa, Our Bed Will Be Occupied By Other Men
Sometimes the amount of time it takes to work you into a lather just so you'll be tricked into eating your cum for me is so tedious.

Shortcut to Cum Eating
There’s nothing like seeing a nice thick load of cum but I only want to see that cum if you follow my plan.

Um I Might Let You Cum If
Were going to play a game today and youre going to need a dildo, preferably a big one.

Cock Sucking Cum Eating Simulation For Scared Closet Fags
So the dirty little pervert is back for his next dose of humiliation.

A mouthful of SHAME
You’re such a cum eating loser, a pathetic cum guzzling slut. I’ll bet you love throwing your legs over your head and spooging in your mouth.

You're Going To Eat Your Cum To A Video, How Fucking Stupid
Has cum eating gone mainstream? That's the question I discuss here.

Has Cum Eating Gone Mainstream?
Like so many, you're turned on by the thought of eating your own cum for me, but as soon as you blow your load you chicken out. Not this time.

Frozen Cum For Effective CEI
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