I caught you peeking in my window, and now you have to do me a favor and eat your cum.

Neighbor makes you eat your cum
She wants you to eat your cum for her

Study Buddy CEI

Added: 9/9/19
Now get on that floor and lick it up, do it! That's it bitch.

Let's Play A Little Game Shall We
You will say the mantras that I tell you to repeat after me. And after you cum you will lick it all up.

Drink and Aroma Play for Your Goddess

Added: 9/26/19
I want you to worship Me by doing as I say and lick up all the cum I make you squirt.

Mesmerized CEI
So you have stumbled into the world of eating your own cum but you aren't 100% committed to it yet...

Learning To Like It CEI
Swallow your pride along with that cum, faggot.

Swallow Your Pride, Fag
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