I'm going to have you blow that load all over your computer screen and then I'm going to make you lick it all up! Look what I can make you do loser!

Lick That Screen Idiot, Complete Virtual Degradation
Doesn't your cum taste so good, Richard?

When you wake up, You will feel compelled to blurt out your new cum eating status to every pretty girl you meet.

Fail Male Cum Eating
Upset about the last two sessions where you ended up with cum all over your face and in your mouth, you set out to contact me yet again to make me delete the very embarrassing videos that I took of you.

Bullied Into Eating Your Own Cum
You can suffer the humiliation of eating your own cum while she berates you and watches.

Eat It for School Girl
There it goes...little tears of cum in your hand. Now do what she says. Lick it up, all of it. Do it!

Small Dick Therapy
Mia will give you permission to cum once you have stroked it enough to please her, but when you cum, you will eat up every drop as she laughs in triumph...

Stroke To My Ass
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