We're so sick of guys just eating their cum for us - BORING!

Special CEI - Snort Your Cum for Us
But your misery isn’t over yet ! It’s time to gargle and blow bubbles …

Clit Dicks Ruined Orgasm CEI
So I want you to lie on your back and put your legs up in the air so your cock is aimed at your face and your mouth, because my little tit loving loser, you are going to cum right into your own mouth.

Cum In Your Mouth For My Perfect Tits

Added: 3/21/19
I know you do it nearly every fucking day already. You’re going to get a yummy tasty treat afterwards. Don’t be shy..

Trick or TrEAT Your Cum

Added: 10/12/18
For the benefit of letting your little cock sneeze and splitter splatter you are required to do it under our instruction or be made to lick up your dirty, sticky mess.

Tick Tock, Stroke that Cock
I'm so annoyed at the mess you've made, so I make you lick it all up as punishment.

Tricked and Humiliated CEI
I know you've wanted to eat your own cum for a while now but have always chickened out when the time comes.

You Will Consume Your Cum  CEI

Added: 3/11/19
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