Your forever jerking off to my clips like a pathetic little Loser that you are and now its time you do something for Me.

Eat It For Princess
I used to let men get away with cumming and just throwing it away.

Swallow It Loser
I never knew how thrilling it could be to make a man eat his own cum.

Cum Eating on My Command
You do what ever the hell I tell you to do because your a man and your weak, useless and pathetic and you deserve nothing more than to be degraded at my feet and eat your own cum like a good little servant.

I Say Eat It
Swallow like a fag.

Swallow Fag
In this clip Viola guides you through your first ever self facial cum eating experience.

Your first self facial - a sensual guided CEI
If eating your own cum isn't degrading enough, I have a great cum cocktail ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

CUM Cocktail
Mistress Anna only allows slaves to cum when it's on her terms and her terms alone.

Cum Slut Facial
you get to eat up all that delicious cum, that you just ejaculated, to My cum eating instruction.

Jerk and Swallow Cumslut
You are not a real man. A real man would never wait for a woman’s permission to cum.

Losers Like You wait for Permission to Cum
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