Penny's had a few complaints at work about you perving on the clients. She's sick of you perving on her also for that matter and now she's got a punishment lined up to help put a stop to your dirty ways! Penny is going to let you WANK your DICK over her, she's going to strip naked so you'll finally get to see her gorgeous knockers and much more! There is only one condition to this... you've got to eat your own CUM after you've shot your load! Ready?

Cum Punishment
What can you do about it loser? I gave you option to eat your own cum voluntarily but you always wimp out after you've squirted your loser juice. The only thing worse than a wussy that begs girls to make him eat his own cum is a wussy that wimps out of doing it right after he's cum.

Bullied Into Eating Cum
Follow my instructions as I poetically Torment your balls, fuck your ass and make you eat your cum.

Poetic Play
You would do just about anything, anything to get your nose pressed against the inside of My stinky heel. Absolutely any humiliating task I'd throw at you, you'd just at the chance to attempt it just to bow down and sniff these heels. Like putty in My hands... you're already melting right now.

Heel Sniffer Cum Licker
Trick Or Treat? Start jerking your cock, and Princess Lexi will decide your fate. Will you get tricked and be forced to ruin your orgasm? Or will you get the treat? The treat, of course is eating your own cum!

Trick Or Treat - Ruined Orgasm Or CEI?

Watch this on the off chance that you managed to trick some poor unsuspecting girl into going on a date with you. Since I don't think any woman should have to endure wasting her time on you, I have found yet another creative way to sabotage your date, but this clip can be used for your general daily humiliation needs.

Cum Breath

Charlie Z has asked you to come back after class so she can discuss an explicit assignment that you've handed in. Firstly, it's very sexual and she's a little shocked at some of the content. One thing that stood out the most was the part about, cum eating.

Cum Eating Class

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