Are you going to end up denied, eating your cum

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You wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas. There is one thing I want. And if you do it for me, I will be happy

There Is One Thing I Want From You This Christmas
You're ready to do anything I want just to cum, even if it means ruining those panties with your load and then sucking it out!

Used Panties
I want you to cum in your hand and eat it while I take pictures!

Serve Stroke And Slurp For The Camera
You’ve wanted to eat your cum for a while now.

Sniff, Ruin and Eat your Load

Added: 10/24/19
So... today, you'll CUM too!

Tonight you will cum...
I count you down into a ruined orgasm and encourage you to eat up. …good boy…

30 Day Deep Dive

Added: 11/22/19
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