You know its too late for you right? You will always be this way! A gooning, pathetic, pussy free loser for life!

Goddess Tierra - Pussy Free Loser
Very tough teasing challenge in which I am trying to resist you and not cum but you are trying to break that. The things that may make me explode on a challenge video would be camel toe shots, front or back, dirty talking demanding I get on the edge over and over, nudity slips while teasing. erotic whispering, lots of sexy leg movement. sheer lingerie would be great as well but any will do.

Sara Saint - Try Not To Cum Challenge
No weekend plans. No sex. No friends. No girlfriend. NOTHING for you. I want you to sit right where you are for the entire weekend and pump yourself raw to femdom porn. Your porn and masturbation addiction is your lifeline, and without it, you're a dull and worthless nobody. This is the only thing you have going for you, gooner.

Queen Carmella - Porn Bender Goon Frenzy Topless
You've been such a dirty pervert and I've noticed every single time your eyes have wandered, I've caught you staring, glancing with lust in your eyes. I have a special little treat for filthy pervs just like you, a deliciously painful tease until your your cock is throbbing hard and your balls are filled & blue.

Goddess Angelina - Perv Punishment
Countess Jezebeth is the type of spy that runs her own missions completely. She gets her way no matter what. She does whatever she has to do as long as she is getting something out of it.

Countess Jezebeth - Resist the Spy
You're meeting your old friend Brookelynne Briar in a little restaurant after not seeing her for a long time. Being a hot day, she is very sweaty. Something smells weird and she figures out it's her panties. Naturally they have to come off. Realizing the smell gives you a hard-on, she makes a deal: you take the panties home, if you jerk off right there in the restaurant.

Brookelynne Briar - Restaurant JOI Jerk To Stinky Panties
You're right, Sydney was going to show you how to rim. As you may know, she LOVES getting rimmed. In fact, she just loves having a tongue up her butt hole. She'll walk you through all of the steps on how to give her a proper rim job.

AstroDomina - Rimming Instructions
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