Cuck Hubby Cumshot Cocktail

Cuck Hubby Cumshot Cocktail
And you know how you’re going to do that? BY EATING EVERY LAST DROP OF THIS DISGUSTING CUM OFF OF MY FEET.

Eat Cum Off of My Feet
I want you to aim your orgasm into an ice cube tray and freeze your seed so I can watch you suck on a cumsicle.

Sensual Ice Cube CEI Challenge
... you'll be ab using your poor cock and balls for me and also licking up every single drop of cum or precum that your cock produces.

CEI and CBT for the Naughty List
It's becoming more of a gut reaction, isn't it? You're finding yourself immediately consuming your cum after you bust for My bust, don't you?

Drink Your Drip
Why should a filthy slut like you have to wait to orgasm to have a mouth full of cum?!

Slurp a Cum Cube
Open that slut mouth of yours & catch every damn drop of that superior cum.

Superior Black Cock
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