Ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice for your goddess...

Break Your Balls For My Tits JOI
You want to shoot it straight toward your face, because I say you want to.

Entertain Me, Cum Slut

Added: 9/9/19
Your private predilections did give me an idea on how you can start earning your keep around here.

Pimping My Sissy Son To Earn His Keep
I guess we must conjure up a birthday tasty treat too ...

Birthday Loser Load

Added: 7/12/19
I am going to get you loaded up again and make you lick and suck your cum cubes in humiliation before My divine feet.

Locked and Loaded 4
Now that you have proven you are willing to do anything we say take that load and drop it down your fag throat.

I have the power to make your cum taste delicious, to turn the act of CUM eating into a devotional, deeply pleasurable act....

CEI Just The Way you Like It

Added: 5/16/19
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