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I hate your ugly face and so you should you. I want you to degrade yourself, cum to the point of zero self worth that you cover your whole entire face in hot, salty gross cum for my amusement. You have no control over your actions when I muddle with your weakened mind, I encourage you to self humiliate, I tease you to the point of no return and you are so desperate to please anything I demand you do.

Cum On Your UGLY Face
It's only right that a loser like yourself cleans up. To eat your own cum is only what you deserve and to savour every single drop of your worthless cum is exactly what you need. Recycling your own waste, as that is exactly what it is, 'waste'. It would be a tragedy if you were to reproduce, to have even more wimpy losers like you on this earth would be disastrous so it is best that you recycle your own cum and keep everyone happy.

Recycle Slut

I have programmed you to cum and eat like a depraved loser. After continuos training it is what you excel at. To completely self degrade daily gives your once meaningless life some meaning.

Cum Eating Robot
You are nothing more than a cum craving slut. A disgusting, dirty act for lowly little slave.

Dirty Cum Slut
As if eating your own cum isn't disgusting and degrading enough.

Twisted CEI
If eating your own cum isn't degrading enough, I have a great cum cocktail ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

CUM Cocktail
You are here to do as I demand, to jerk on command and fill your slutty mouth with your own cum.

Slurp it all up for ME
It is, what it is. Yet another disgusting way for you to eat your own cum.

Snowball CEI
Can you handle the humiliation of eating your own cum in front of three hot Goddess' huh?

Hey CUM Junkie
There is no better type of humiliation than having your own hot, salty cum in your mouth.

Cum Mouth Wash
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