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Bi-Sexual, Cum Eating Instructions

MoneyGoddesss - Bi Cum Eating Instructions
I was thinking that you could have some cum for breakfast and you could eat it all up. That sounds so good doesn’t it? Yes, that does mean you get to cum. Start stroking for me before I change my mind…

Larah_Sky - Cum for Breakfast - CEI Cooking Instructions
Today I want you to make a big big mess… I want you to look at the mirror and see the filthy whore you are. Leave me a heart, give me a nice comment and a good review as it would help me a lot to continue making clips! Thank you!

Goddess Dri - Facial Mask
Office refridgerators cn be the wild west in some work situations, but your boss Miss Tabitha Jane is not letting it slide. She calls you into her office and announces she knows you've been the one taking her marked foods. You're guilty, but don't want to show it.

TheTabithaJane - Eat My Lunch? Eat Your Cum!
From the moment we open our hotel room door you quickly realise you are in the presence of two incredibly powerful and demanding vixens! Put in your place within seconds, we tease and mock you from the off!

Ruby Onyx - Slave JOI
You've eaten your cum numerous times, and you're already bored aren't you? you're a filthy pervert who needs to venture into more niche kinks in order to keep your sexual desires stimulating.

Ellie Haze - Eat your cum off the floor
no wonder you're a virgin, you don't even stoke your dick right! ugh, virgin loser don't deserve sex, my feet is all you can jerkoff to. And if you want to cum? Then you will clean it up after, swallow it you cum slut!

Claudiahon - Bratty gitl giving virgin loser JOI
It's time to face facts - you're a total cum junkie. Just the thought of swallowing your own thick, salty load has you salivating right now. How pathetic is that?

Scarlett Belle - Cum Junkie
You know your role in My life by now, don't you, beta boy? You know that I deserve to live a life of luxury while you live a life of sacrifice. This is how nature intended it. Alpha life vs beta life. You know its true, so there's no reason to fight it...and besides, a part of you loves eating your own cum for Me.

Goddess Evelyn - Brunch For Me, Cum For You
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