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you can't resist this clip because you're a slutty little cum craver.

Slutty Cum Slut
Eat it for Me simply because I want you to.

Quick CEI For Me
you are always coming back for your fill. you just love eating your cum for Me.

You Love Eating Cum For Me

Added: 4/3/19
People usually have more productive resolutions but, of course, you're a kinky loser who only cares about getting kinkier.

New Year, New Lows - CEI

Added: 1/6/18
Wanna take Me up on this bet? If I can make you eat it, you owe Me $100. BUT if you resist, then you get an awesome orgasm out of it. Seems pretty fair to Me.

I Bet I Can Make You Eat It

Added: 3/13/18
Do you feel like a real man when you get to jerk it to Me? Well, that's no good. I don't think you should EVER feel like a man because you're a loser!

CEI Because Youre a Loser
Man, I fucked you up good. you are jonesing for your jizz like a fucking addict. you can't have a single orgasm without drooling and wanting to ingest it. you need Me to instruct you to slurp that load down. So, lets make it fast. Jerk, jerk, jerk and assume the loser position. you're going to get your cum directly from the source.

Jonesing For Jizz
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