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... I don't know of many more humiliating tasks than eating your own cum.

Something New And Exciting
Clean up that sticky mess. Good bitch.

You Look Better With A Dick In Your Mouth
I love making boys eat their cum but I know you don't really *want* to do it.

The Aim Game CEI

Added: 1/9/21
you can't resist this clip because you're a slutty little cum craver.

Slutty Cum Slut
Eat it for Me simply because I want you to.

Quick CEI For Me
you are always coming back for your fill. you just love eating your cum for Me.

You Love Eating Cum For Me

Added: 4/3/19
People usually have more productive resolutions but, of course, you're a kinky loser who only cares about getting kinkier.

New Year, New Lows - CEI

Added: 1/6/18
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