» » Princess Mackayla
Just nice little humiliating task for you junkies. you are such a good little man-puppet and you'll do just about anything that I tell you to. So, jerk your cock to My super sexy humiliation and assume the loser position. I'm going to make you into a freshly glazed loser donut.

Freshly Glazed Loser

I know how to turn men into cum craving whores in no time and you are no different. You crave My instruction of any kind and today you're going to fall victim to My beauty and superiority.

Your First But Not Last CEI
How many times can you lie to yourself? I mean, seriously, we both know you crave your cum.

I Know You Want To - CEI
Back again to jerk off to Me knowing that I'm going to make you eat it..

Eat it Like a Bitch
Go ahead and stroke with My dirty insole and get ready to lick up your mess.

Insole JOI With Cum Eating Instruction
For this clip be bratty and call me cumslut, cumbucket etc.

Cumsluts Favorite Position - CEI
I know that you would do anything to hear Me call you a "good boy."

Good boys Always Eat It
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