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Man, I fucked you up good. you are jonesing for your jizz like a fucking addict. you can't have a single orgasm without drooling and wanting to ingest it. you need Me to instruct you to slurp that load down. So, lets make it fast. Jerk, jerk, jerk and assume the loser position. you're going to get your cum directly from the source.

Jonesing For Jizz
A fun CEI clip for beginners and an amazing way for My cum eating regulars to really savor their cum. I'm going to tell you how to stroke while you let your homemade "cum cube" melt in your mouth. Stroking and sucking like a good little slut.

Suck, Savor, Stroke - CEI
This is my first custom so I hope I don't screw this up. I was hoping that you could wear a short business skirt with tan pantyhose and heels, in an office type setting. My view would be from the floor (under desk) looking up at you. You could cross and uncross you legs teasing me, knowing how weak it makes me. You verbally abuse me telling me how pathetic I am and how crossing your legs makes me so weak. In fact you could make me eat my own cum or coerce me to be bi if you wanted. Or both..

Cum Eating for Crossed Legs
Back to swallow a little jizz today? Of course. you crave that cum now. That longing for load after load in your mouth is slowly turning you into a full blown FAGGOT! I love it, really. I love that you are curious about sucking another guys dick just for a different flavor of semen. HAHA. I mean, how much did I fuck you up that you are turning into a full blown fag?

From CEI to Full On Faggot
I have the perfect jerk off instruction for you foot loving freaks. Since you will never get the chance to fuck My sweaty, smelly feet (obviously), I'm going to make you jerk off with My insole. You are so fucking weak for My feet that you'll do anything to worship them. Go ahead and stroke with My dirty insole and get ready to lick up your mess.

Insole JOI With CEI
Just nice little humiliating task for you junkies. you are such a good little man-puppet and you'll do just about anything that I tell you to. So, jerk your cock to My super sexy humiliation and assume the loser position. I'm going to make you into a freshly glazed loser donut.

Freshly Glazed Loser

I know how to turn men into cum craving whores in no time and you are no different. You crave My instruction of any kind and today you're going to fall victim to My beauty and superiority.

Your First But Not Last CEI
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