» » Lexi Sindel
I just love to totally control a cock. I enjoy brutally teasing & edging my partner for hours until they can no longer hold back their orgasm and they beg for a release. Just when you think you are going to enjoy the orgasm, I like to stop stroking.

Over the Edge

I want to train you to become my filthy cum eating slut...

Cum Swallower Training
The Premature ejaculator is punished by having his legs flipped over his head and they milk the remaining sperm into his mouth.

Premature Orgasm Ruiner
Mistress Lexi is chastity training her sissy, teaching her to become a filthy cum swallowing slut.

Swallow like a good slut
Now get on your hands and knees and beg to your beautiful blonde Goddesses for the chance to release your filth in the presence of superior women.

Stroke Trainers
If you want our permission to cum you need to prove your submission by lapping up all of your slimy cum.

Trained to eat your own cum
Mistress Lexi has her slave literally by the balls to tease and torture as she pleases.

Drained Slave Balls
Lexi's slave is leaving on a trip, she wants to make sure his travels are as humiliating as possible. She has denied him orgasm for a couple weeks, and if he wants to release it is going to be on his own face!

Femdom Facial
Mistress Lexi wants to see how much of a horny slut you have become from undergoing your slave training.

Cum Eating Instruction POV
Swallow Your Cum Slave!

Swallow Your Cum