» » JOI: Time to eat your cum

JOI: Time to eat your cum

Thick TS Bailey Jay wears a red wig and sits on a couch in a white top and panties. In a sexy feminine voice, she offers some light dirty talk and gentle cum eating instructions. No real femdom here, just flirty encouragement. She jiggles and exposes her big fake tits while jerking her decently sized cock. She's somewhat erect, but more chubbed than hard. It fades throughout the scene.
To be honest, Bailey mostly just jerks herself up close with a few moans thrown in because the monologue ends around the halfway point - this isn't a very compelling JOI.
At the end of all her masturbation, Bailey manages to ejaculate a small amount onto her hand. She's on hormones long enough now that she should forget this cockcentric business and become a full-on bottom because, while attractive enough, her dick isn't up to the demands of being the star of the show.

JOI: Time to eat your cum
JOI: Time to eat your cum


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