» » Shaye Rivers - Dreaming of a White Christmas

Shaye Rivers - Dreaming of a White Christmas

Shaye Rivers - Dreaming of a White Christmas
Shaye Rivers - Dreaming of a White Christmas

You are going to give Me the white Christmas I am dreaming of! You see, it doesn't snow here where I live, so I have to be creative. I am going to have you stroking, edging, and worshiping Me. You will get the chance to jerk to My perfect tits, My amazing pussy, and My gorgeous ass. Pace yourself or you might miss your favorite part to stroke to! Edge, edge, edge.... MMMMM feels so good doesn't it? Hold your cum for Me until I tell you to get into position. I want you to shoot your hot cum all over your face for Me! Be a good boy for Me and give Me the white Christmas that I desire! Earn extra points if you lick it up.
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