» » 7 Loads of Fun

7 Loads of Fun

Let's have some fun shall we?
What you will need for this video:
1. 7 loads of your cum saved in an ice cube tray & frozen
2. 7in or larger Dildo
3. Butt Plug
4. Full Bladder
5. Glass of water
6. Empty Glass
7. Lipstick

We are going to push your limits. We are going to throw out the boring old "JOI" and try something more adventurous. You will be instructed to jerk off in this video....as well as MANY other tasks...tasks kinky and perfect for a pervert like you. I get twisted and perverted with you. Rewarding you along the way.....and a final reward just for a CUM Anal whore like you!

7 Loads of Fun
7 Loads of Fun

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Tags: Foxy Farrah

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