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The moment my voice slides into your ears, all of those suggestions come tumbling back: this secret desire to eat your cum.

Cum Indoctrination
With cum freshly extracted from my hubby after he returned from his business trip, I instruct you to sniff, taste, savour, gargle and swallow his yummy delicious spunk in a condom covered with my pussy juices.

Cum Swallowing Instruction - From A Used Condom
Mmm, doesn’t your cum taste yummy? Well it doesn’t really matter if it does or not, because Princess Katie wants you to eat your own cum.

Taste Your Own Cum
We're going to play a humiliating little game today, loser. I'm going to put you to the test to see if you can cum TWICE in TWO MINUTES. Cum countdown included.

Double Cum Challenge
Are you ready to eat your cum for me today? Like the dirty boy you are, I know that sometimes you need a little encouragement. Today you are going to be eating it twice.

Double Load CEI
Lexi's slave is leaving on a trip, she wants to make sure his travels are as humiliating as possible. She has denied him orgasm for a couple weeks, and if he wants to release it is going to be on his own face!

Femdom Facial
I really need you to do something for your schoolgirl today and that is to jerk off into your hand and eat it!

Masturbate and eat your load for Jolene