And will you get to cum? Of course not.

Pillow Humping, Ass Stuffing Gayboy

Added: 5/18/19
Well if you want to cum it's going to cost your dignity and your ego.

Spout A Loser Fountain On Your Face

Added: 3/12/19
Вы сказали мне, чтобы я не кончал в течение нескольких дней и держал мою самую большую пробку под рукой, чтобы я мог вас порадовать и развлечь.

Plugged and covered in cum
I'm going to turn you into the biggest faggot you can be. A dildo in your asshole, lubed up with your own precum, and a load of cum sliding down your throat...you're going to be a total buttslut cum whore for me. I'll train you into a homo from both ends and teach you to love every single second of it.

Fuck Your Faggot Hole And Eat Your Cum
A half hour of toilet tasks, each one more disgusting than the last.

Even Filthier Toilet Assignment
Doing anything and everything for me feels right. Your mind goes from masturbation to true thoughts of cock, dick, balls, cummm!

Desiring Dick Mind Fuck: Your Ass Needs Fucked
Be prepared to sexualize she-dick and lust for cum.

Ultimate Sissification

Added: 9/15/18
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