You will have to watch to see what I tell you to do after. Then I will give you a count down and then demand you to eat all your cum.

JOI Ass Play with CEI
Taste their disdain for you? Taste their utter disregard? That’s what cum tastes like.

Total ASSimilation II
I'm going to make you into a little more of a cum faggot all by yourself today.

Cum Filled Ass
This isn't your average CEI.
You will need a butt plug and a dildo to get started.

CEI With Anal Play

Added: 6/8/18
This was a custom clip I did for a client, he asked for glass toy anal, ageplay/daddy stuff, lots of dirty talk with JOI & CEI- and the outfit you see was requested.

Daddys Girl Anal Play CEI
You’re going to get a mirror for me. A nice big mirror. And I want you to set it, right where you can cum on it. You’re going to make that mirror very dirty. So prepare to ruin your orgasm, I want that cum dribbling down, right on to your reflection. Just so you can see how much of a loser you are. Are you ready to prove how pathetic you are? I hope so, because I wanna see how fucking pathetic you are.

Ruin A Huge Load All Over A Mirror And Watch Yourself Lick It Up

Added: 5/18/18
How sad it is for your worthless little fucking cock to be locked up. Awww it must suck being in there, staring at a hot Goddess like me and not being able to touch yourself. You look so fucking pathetic, you deserve to be locked up. You’re a sorry locked up loser. It must be so frustrating knowing you can’t do anything to make your needy cock feel good.

Vibrate Your Perineum In Chastity Until You Leak Precum And Eat It
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