Ends with cum countdown and eating instruction.

Poppers Fucking You Up
Oh, yes! You’re my big goo gobbler who loves the taste of his own hot cum.

Guiding You through Extreme Self-Play and Cum Guzzling
Oh yeah make sure you're thirsty for your own cum too.

Lindseys Humiliation Tasks
Now, you know our agreement. You promised me you’d have several loads of your own cum saved up… at least five.

Youve Saved It up for Me; Now Im Going to Treat You to a Humiliating Cum Guzzling Session
Today, I'm am going to teach you who is really in charge of your orgasms. Spoiler alert: it's me! You may think that you have full autonomy over your cock, but we both know that for the chance to watch my ass bouncing in your face, you will surrender all free will to me and only me!

Slut Training And Ass Play
I hope you enjoy this video.. We are going to have a lot of fun teaching you to shoot straight into your pretty mouth!