I have another fun task for you my dear little toilet slave. You see, I love being treated like the Goddess that I am, so I want to give you another responsibility. I want to tease you with my stinky farts that work up into a nice dump. I want you there for each one to sniff in that glorious stink, and then I want you to take your hand and clean up every speck from my asshole.

My Fun Toilet Toy
Three rules.
First, no cumming. Second, pump slowly. Third, when you see pixels, jerk as hard as you can.
I'm banning you from having sex and watching regular porn. Giving up pussy is an essential part in embracing your role as a slave.

Pixels And Latex
When you hired a maid service, you didn't expect them to send a maid who is so sexy! You stare at Jessica the maid with your mouth hanging open as she sweeps the floor... you want her to like you so you offer to help her.

Mean Maid POV
You know what time it is cum slut. You can’t resist wanting to slurp down your load for me with my ass on the screen. My ass makes you so horny you must stroke to it. And then you are primed and ready for me to tell you to eat your own cum. You aren’t ashamed…you gladly will slurp down every single glob of cum with my ass shaking in your face. I don’t have a lot of time today so quickly eat that cum for me slut.

Ass CEI Quickie
Wednesdays Ass Eating JOI and CEI

Wednesdays Ass Eating JOI and CEI
You can't resist me in my CK bra and panty sets can you? They hug my curves perfectly, pushing my boobs together, hugging my cheeks, riding high to show off that hip to waist ratio. You know you're too much of a loser to fuck me, so you're going to stroke and be grateful for the privilege.

Worthless Cum Eater
It's time to play with my good puppy boy! You come bounding up to me, full of energy. I place a bowl full of your favorite things on the floor and one-by-one we use all of them. After I collar you, I have you play fetch with your favorite ball. Then I put your leash on you and make you lick my boots, ass and pussy.

How Good Boys Play
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