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...her saying you have to do what she says to keep your job.

Ashley asked to use your laptop since hers has been super slow lately. You completely forgot you had been watching gay porn on your computer, so it's the first thing she sees when she opens up your laptop.

Gay Porn CEI
Ash cannot believe you want her to give you cum eating instructions again. You always chicken out! Ash wants you to actually eat your load. She loves watching guys being dirty cumsluts for her. Ash knows you like it. Your dick gets hard when you think about eating your semen like a fucking pervert.

Blindfold CEI
You Love The Taste of Cum

You Love The Taste of Cum
Have you been a good boy this past week? Have you jacked off and saved at least five loads for Ashley? You should have an ice cube tray full of your frozen cum. Was it hard for you? Was it torture? You came so many times but you were never allowed to eat it.

CEI Challenge Part 2
It has been a while since one of your CEI sessions with Ashley. She has a special idea. Ashley wants you to go get a shot glass. Do you have it ready? Good.

CEI With Shotglass
Shes bored of you. Why do you like eating your own cum anyway?

Pimping Out My Cumslut

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