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Total ASSimilation II
You don’t even get to touch you without permission. Hence the chastity device that has been on you for several months.So we made our little arrangement that I would get to fuck whoever I want you and you would get to serve me in any way I please, as well as the men who fuck me.

Cuckolding Isn't Enough

Added: 4/9/18
Hi loser, do you want to stroke to me in this hot shiny outfit I’ve got on today? Do you wanna rub that nub? I’ll let you but you have to admit that crossdressing gets you so fucking hard. I know you love seeing girls dressed up in sexy lingerie and dresses like I’ve got on right now.

Admit it, Crossdressing Makes You Cum Harder Than Anything Else
Tonight you're mine to control - taking shots when I instruct, edging yourself, beating your balls, doing whatever I command. The more you drink the more I push your limits, it's almost too easy. Now that your guard is down I want you edging to what I bet you really want, cock. Don't you just love the taste of your own cum?

Intoxicated facial encouragement
We need to talk.. Remember that trip we took with your buddy? Don’t freak out but well, I saw you guys together when you thought you were alone.. Yes, I saw everything including that big dildo you have and.. it was really hot! I was so surprised to find out you were into that, but even more surprised at how my pussy got instantly wet while spying on you two boys touching each other like that.

I Spy Bi Guys CEI

I just received my bottle of "inhalents" and I would like for you to mesmurize me into becoming a complete gay, faggot slut whore for you.

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