Every woman has been in a position like yours, she's had a first time where she struggled with the idea of putting it in her mouth and swallowing. I'm here to tell you that it's ok. You can suck it and lick it until it explodes, letting it fill your mouth.

It Becomes Easier To Be A Cum Guzzling Slut After The First Time

Added: 12/6/18
Hello my little cum dumpster. I’ll bet you never thought you’d enjoy being called that, did you? But that’s exactly what you are. I’ve been turning you into a little cum addict. But it serves a purpose, it’s not just to humiliate you, it’s to train you to crave it, to associate the feeling of orgasm with the taste of cum. And soon your cum won’t be enough. Oh you know exactly where this is heading, don’t you? I’m going to make you gulp the cum of other men.

Cum Dumpster Reprogramming, Eat Yours And His

Added: 11/16/18
You're going to have to learn to swallow loads of cum & do all kinds of nasty things for me.

Get Destroyed By My BBC
Taste their disdain for you? Taste their utter disregard? That’s what cum tastes like.

Total ASSimilation II
You don’t even get to touch you without permission. Hence the chastity device that has been on you for several months.So we made our little arrangement that I would get to fuck whoever I want you and you would get to serve me in any way I please, as well as the men who fuck me.

Cuckolding Isn't Enough

Added: 4/9/18
Hi loser, do you want to stroke to me in this hot shiny outfit I’ve got on today? Do you wanna rub that nub? I’ll let you but you have to admit that crossdressing gets you so fucking hard. I know you love seeing girls dressed up in sexy lingerie and dresses like I’ve got on right now.

Admit it, Crossdressing Makes You Cum Harder Than Anything Else
Tonight you're mine to control - taking shots when I instruct, edging yourself, beating your balls, doing whatever I command. The more you drink the more I push your limits, it's almost too easy. Now that your guard is down I want you edging to what I bet you really want, cock. Don't you just love the taste of your own cum?

Intoxicated facial encouragement
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