The title says it all, Beg for it. Beg to eat your own cum like the huge loser you are.

Beg For CEI

Added: 1/6/19
First we need to get that cock nice and ready to blow as your cum is a very necessary component to a Cum Shooter!

Cum Shooters: Loaded
You've gone down on her so many times over the years as she drips out other mens spunk from earlier instead of pussy juice, your brain began to love male

The reason you eat your CUM

Added: 12/20/18
This is my first CEI and in it I shame you for your disgusting fetish and decide to make you try it out for yourself.

EX GF Makes You Eat Your Own Cum
Every drop of your cum is to be swallowed, understood?

CEI For Shiny
You're a horny little cum eating bitch, and I have a fun task for you!

Condom CEI Task
It going to be fun and I know that you tried it before..that salty hot taste that you know so well.

Sniff And Lick Your Cum
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