I want to see you gobble up a hot, sticky load of your own boy juice.

You Eat It First
Now that We're letting you jerk off, We're going to let you cum. All you have to do is eat it!

 Office Domination CEI
Your tea has a special ingredient... about 10 loads of cum from my prior guests.

Cum Eating Tea Party
Now, you know our agreement. You promised me you’d have several loads of your own cum saved up… at least five.

Youve Saved It up for Me; Now Im Going to Treat You to a Humiliating Cum Guzzling Session
You still havent eaten your cum, even after all the CEI clips you buy, even after telling me how bad you want to be mine. You fantasize about me feeding it to you, but just cant do it yet!

Cumboy Promise
We're going to make you eat your own cum EVERY DAY! We'll come and find you every day, take you to one side and force you to jerk yourself off

Bullies Make You Eat Cum
Such a pathetic loser!! So useless, and such a coward. You won't even eat your own cum. Don't worry, that's going to change.

Bratty CEI
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