Stroke away. But you'll be cumming into your mouth tonight.

Pathetic Cum Eating Slave
I know how badly you want to eat your own cum. But why should I care if you eat your cum or not? It’s a privilege to have me watch you eat your cum.

I Think It's So Disgusting That You Want To Eat Your Cum
Good boys accept the filthiest of tasks while Goddess is spoiled and pampered.

Sweet Treats CEI

Added: 3/11/19
We're so sick of guys just eating their cum for us - BORING!

Special CEI - Snort Your Cum for Us
I know you do it nearly every fucking day already. You’re going to get a yummy tasty treat afterwards. Don’t be shy..

Trick or TrEAT Your Cum

Added: 10/12/18
I'm so annoyed at the mess you've made, so I make you lick it all up as punishment.

Tricked and Humiliated CEI
I do that and when you finally let me cum on my face you tell me to thank you and to go back to my gf with my face covered in my cum.

Humiliating Orgasm Play - Custom

Added: 2/9/19
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