We've been neighbors for so long, I've seen how you stare at me. I know you want more, but that'll never happen. Instead, I'm going to make you jerk off for me, and then I want you to eat your cum in front of me! First I tell you to strip down, then instruct on exactly how I want you to jerk that pathetic cock of yours for me, and then how to swallow allll the cum down.

Jerk off and eat your cum for me
Guess what I heard? Your best friend fucked your girlfriend, but since he's so much hotter and better than you I'm not surprised. In fact, no one is and we allllll know about it! It even gets you horny doesn't it? Knowing he's fucking her while you're stuck her jerking off to me telling you how much better he is. I'm going to let you cum....but losers like you only get to do that when they swallow every drop after. Eat up, cuck!

Cucked by best bud, all you get is cum
Your bratty girlfriend knows she can get you to do anything. Youre cleaning together and come across a dildo, she playfully holds it on herself as if she has a dick. She sees this makes you hard and makes you give her a blowjob. She teaches you how to suck cock, making you jerk off as you do, eventually making you eat your own cum as if its her load and swallow.

Bratty Girlfriend Dildo Sucking CEI/JOI
You are a pathetic little loser bitch boy and I LOVE reminding you of this! Your sorry self really makes Me want to laugh at your pathetic existence till it hurts. But boy oh boy does it hurt so good when I have such a huge smile on My innocent face when I laugh out loud at your loser bitch boy nature! It's just how it's going to be moving forward. How girls like Me laughing at your loser bitch pathetic self!

Humiliated Loser Bitch Boy
So, you wanted to date the "bad girl" in school. I'm not like those other girls. There's no way I'll be submissive to you.
If anything, I make you My bitch. I get My way through manipulation. I fuck your world up and get what I want. I'm a spoiled brat and you treat Me like a fucking Princess. Oh, you wish you could spank this soft little white ass.

Mean Schoolgirl Makes You Her Bitch CEI
Today I'm in the mood to make you do something humiliating just for my entertainment, so you're going to do whatever I want! You're going to jerk your cock to My instructions and edge a few times, then I'll give you a countdown and allow you to cum - but you have to catch your cum and eat it all for Me. I know you love being My pathetic cum eater!!

In the Mood to Make you Eat Cum
We both know you're a worthless loser who will do anything I say, and today you're going to cum right in your mouth for Me.

Cum in Your Loser Mouth
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