You’ll eat your cum for me. Yes you absolutely will.

CEI: Teased into Submission
You've been wanting to eat your cum for a while now, huh? well now you're going to do it! See...

Swallowing is YOUR BEST Option CEI

Added: 4/15/18
Are you a kinky cum eater? Whether you love eating your cum like a little slut or you're a first-timer...

Eat Your Cum for Rene and Astro Kittie
A good slave must be able to forget about his masculine pride in order to better serve a Woman. I found that a good way to train a male in this direction is by making him eat his own cum.

10 cum eating tasks for a 1 month training course
Mmmm. Have you ever eaten your cum?! Do you eat it all the time!? Either way, this is a video for all levels..

Never a bad time... to eat cum
Let's play a game. Can you cum into your hand and eat it out like a nasty little slut like me?

Eat Your Cum with Me

Added: 3/13/18
Do you ALWAYS get what you ask for? Of course, you do... when I'm the one you ask.

Taras Cum Eating Training for Beginners
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