in your CEI training is going to involve what you've craved all along; cum directly in your mouth.

Progressive CEI Training 3 - Cum In Mouth

Added: 2/14/19
But ultimately you’ll do it because you can’t say no

You ll Swallow It
You want to be my Good Boy. You'll spill today for your one true Goddess.

Day 6 Frosty Little Cum Eater: Twelve Days of Christina

Added: 12/18/18
Save up those loads loser because its time you toast to your Goddess.

Cum Eating Bitch
First thing is first, cum shot in a glass.

 Cum shot - Eat - Repeat
You’ll eat your cum for me. Yes you absolutely will.

CEI: Teased into Submission
You've been wanting to eat your cum for a while now, huh? well now you're going to do it! See...

Swallowing is YOUR BEST Option CEI

Added: 4/15/18
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