You've been wanting to eat your cum for a while now, huh? well now you're going to do it! See...

Swallowing is YOUR BEST Option CEI

Added: 4/15/18
Are you a kinky cum eater? Whether you love eating your cum like a little slut or you're a first-timer...

Eat Your Cum for Rene and Astro Kittie
A good slave must be able to forget about his masculine pride in order to better serve a Woman. I found that a good way to train a male in this direction is by making him eat his own cum.

10 cum eating tasks for a 1 month training course
Mmmm. Have you ever eaten your cum?! Do you eat it all the time!? Either way, this is a video for all levels..

Never a bad time... to eat cum
Let's play a game. Can you cum into your hand and eat it out like a nasty little slut like me?

Eat Your Cum with Me

Added: 3/13/18
Do you ALWAYS get what you ask for? Of course, you do... when I'm the one you ask.

Taras Cum Eating Training for Beginners
Look at this super sexy outfit on me, Get nice and hard for me! I have a special surprise for you at the end of this video… but try not to think too hard about that. Just stroke your cock and get those balls ready to empty a nice big fat load. Look at these black stocking that I am wearing…

Thick Ropes Of Cum
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