Are you ready to become a good little cumlover for me? Ready or not, I'm going to turn you into one today. I have a way with cum cravers, a special touch. I know just how to make you go through with it.

Desperate For It CEI
She tells you how she took them all, and made them each cum all over her face. Now she's back for you to enjoy her presence... and for you to clean her up

Slut wife forces you to eat facial from other guys AGAIN!
You've got to stop doing this to yourself - buying cum eating instruction clips and then jerking off all over your stomach or into a tissue. I mean, what's the fucking point?

Just Try It CEI
You want to eat your cum. You fantasize endlessly about it, especially when you're jerking away and edging closer...closer...closer to that payload.

The Best Reason To Eat Your Cum

Added: 4/26/19
Don't Be Scared. You can do it for me. Just one tiny little taste. That's all. It's really easy.

Dont Be Scared CEI
Go ahead, listen to my words. You will eat your own cum today.

Eating Your Cum
Save up your loads and then watch this clip! You will find the rest of the instructions in this clip.

Five Loads
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