I know exactly how to help guys like you learn to love eating their cum for me, or at least take the plunge and try it for the first time!

Progressive CEI Training 1 - Precum

Added: 2/3/19
But ultimately you’ll do it because you can’t say no

You ll Swallow It
You know the inevitable is about to come (you saw the title), but it’s not so disgusting when it’s for Me, right?

Good Boys Eat Cum

Added: 2/7/19
Let's play a little cum eating game. Strip down, lie down, and point your cock at your open mouth.

CEI Timer Game
cum eating and cum play instruction clip, centered around playing with and eating a saved load.

Save up those loads loser because its time you toast to your Goddess.

Cum Eating Bitch
It going to be fun and I know that you tried it before..that salty hot taste that you know so well.

Sniff And Lick Your Cum
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