Don't worry, you may be nervous, you may not want to do it but here you are, ready to begin your lesson in cum eating today.

Lick it UP
But ultimately you’ll do it because you can’t say no

You ll Swallow It
You want to be my Good Boy. You'll spill today for your one true Goddess.

Day 6 Frosty Little Cum Eater: Twelve Days of Christina

Added: 12/18/18
Hey cum slut! Ready for a night of fun?

CEI MEGAPack Games: Not Once But 3 Times
Save up those loads loser because its time you toast to your Goddess.

Cum Eating Bitch
Doing anything and everything for me feels right. Your mind goes from masturbation to true thoughts of cock, dick, balls, cummm!

Desiring Dick Mind Fuck: Your Ass Needs Fucked
I'm feeling like you need to show me what a cum slut you are. You need to follow my sexy body and my sweet voice into complete submission of eating your own cum.

Cum Eating Instruction
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