And on My countdown, follow My cum eating instructions!

You'll Do Anything To Cum
Most CEI clips implicitly involve an element of choice. A countdown, or maybe a few, culminating in one big moment of cum slut truth, where you have to either take the plunge or duck out. This makes it all too easy to resist at the final second. But this clip isn't like most CEI clips.

Lose Control CEI

Added: 5/26/19
Cum is meant to be enjoyed. Not just the big moment, not just a quick gulp, but the whole process -- from the first stroke to the last drop.

Enjoy It CEI
you just can’t stay away from My CEI clips, huh!? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s another clip that will help push you over the edge of FINALLY EATING YOUR CUM FOR ME.

Good Boys Eat it All for Me

Added: 5/8/19
You’re going to be COVERED in cum for me today, like a good sissy bitch!

Sissy Flip Facial (CEI)

Added: 3/2/19
Don't Be Scared. You can do it for me. Just one tiny little taste. That's all. It's really easy.

Dont Be Scared CEI
How easily I make you BLOW… how effortlessly I make you EAT it.

SWALLOW it Slave: Don't Miss a DROP

Added: 2/28/19
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