» » Charlotte Stokely
Used condoms are so gross… But I guess that’s why you deserve them.

Your New Cum Slurping Ritual
But the catch is that I'm gonna cure you of your resistance to cum eating, haha!

Open Wide For A Full Load
The only way you are going to be the perfect little sissy for me is to have lots of dicks in your mouth.

Afraid To Be Pimped Out
I will only allow you to finally cum if you cum on your own face for me, haha!

The Charlotte Show: Eat It
..where I use his name and make him eat his own cum!

Eat It For Me Again
You’re a man with your balls full of cum but your cock is below average and you are a wimp that needs humiliation and rejection to cum, haha!

Natures Cruel Joke
Don’t you know that once I have a picture of you eating cum like a sissy, I can really fuck you over, right?

Sissy Condom Drinker
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