» » Charlotte Stokely
id you ever think you’de wanna be my humiliated little cum eater???

Yet Here We Are
She’s been laughing with her girlfriends about cuckolding you, making you eat cum and making you a sissy maid!

The Cuckold Facility
You're gonna lick up your mess like a grateful little homo!

Do Fag Exercises Or Else
Ill have you eating your cum off my toes in a a matter of minutes!

Eat It Off My Feet

Added: 2/19/20
I want you to cum in your hand and eat it while I take pictures!

Serve Stroke And Slurp For The Camera
.. you will however be leaving the stage with a belly full of protein, hahahaha...

Belly Full Of Protein
You want a girl that can really turn you into a cock sucker!

Im Your Gateway To Dicks
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