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But you have to play by my rules Theres just one thing you have to do first and I think you know what it is, LOL.

Will You Kiss A Dick for Me

Added: 9/5/18
The most humiliating ideas are the most real ideas. And if you wanna cum super hard you will ruin your life by exposing yourself to someone that will take enormous pleasure in exposing you and degrading you.

Ask Your Ex To Make You Gay 4 Pay
You love it when I lay my pink lipstick on extra thick.

Lips Wrapped Around It
Oh, you are just perfect for our sissy cheerleading squad! Look at you! A total dork. A dweeb. A small-dicked sissy loser, who jerks that little clit-stick every night at your computer.

Sissy Cheer
I know you’re not gay but you can start acting like it to amuse me. I mean this is a two way street. You need me to humiliate and degrade you, while I need your cash and some entertainment out of all this.

 Expanding Barriers
Just keep tellin yourself that. Hah. Maybe if you develop a really exaggerated technique for licking your cum from your fingers, you can convince yourself that is fuckin delicious. I think that the look of disgust on your face will fade naturally if you hold up your stick cum like a hot girl would and play with it near your awaiting mouth. Say stuff like…

Youll Love The Taste Eventually
Unlock the key to true happiness and use this training video to become a better cum slurping beta boy. It’s got delicious loads of hidden suggestions that will break you.

Beta Boy CEI Hidden Suggestions
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