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Eat that pathetic cum to remind yourself just how much of a disappointment and how much of a loser you are.

You Taste Like Disappointment CEI
You still havent eaten your cum, even after all the CEI clips you buy, even after telling me how bad you want to be mine. You fantasize about me feeding it to you, but just cant do it yet!

Cumboy Promise
Now you have to taste your hot cum after you bust all over your face!

CEI Cum Slut
I'm going to make you into a little more of a cum faggot all by yourself today.

Cum Filled Ass
I've been saving up a nice filthy treat for my good little foot bitch! These disgusting old canvas sneakers have seen better days. There's no way I'm wearing these anymore so now it's your turn to have your fun with them.

Dirty Sneakers CEI
Virgin Loser For Life. That's all you are, that's all you ever will be. No sex, no girlfriend. I'm your only chance of female "connection."

Losers Only Hope
I have to babysit you all weekend, what a fucking drag! Not only are you annoying, but you're also a sneaky little pervert. Me and my friends caught you recording us in our bikinis at the pool last night and we're all pretty mad at you!

Sibling CEI
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