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Mommy's Friend Catches Me Wanking
Take a moment to look at your palm full of creamy cum, you want to remember this moment for ever.. your first taste of your own spunk

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Eat My Cum Slut
Obsession sure is a slippery slope, huh? You are just so in love with Me, so willing to snatch up every little crumb I leave out for you hungry, horny hand humpers. Just one look at Me in this powerful, shiny black outfit makes your dicklet throb.

Stroke & Slurp
The rules haven't changed cucky. Even though I am single does not mean you've been released as my cuckold. Any man, stranger or friend is more an alpha than you. Do not ever forget this. No matter who I sleep with your mouth will always be the sperm dumpster.

Wait For His Cum
It's time to drain those balls, milk them into your hand, and slurp it up. Disarming you mentally and coercing you into a soft state of submission, where you get hornier and weaker for me, until you pop. So simple, so easy. You are so ready to serve Me.

Release and a Feast
This was a custom video request from paying beta bitch boi Matthew. Matthew is a 30 year old loser. He has never had a girlfriend. He is a virgin. Matthew is also a premature ejaculator. Wearing a pencil skirt and cute crop top I show my big ass to Matthew and make him cum in 1 minute 30 seconds. He has to cum into his own mouth proving how weak and pathetic he is at 30 years old!

Goddess Green Eyed custom ass worship joi for premature ejaculator Matthew
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