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You'll need rubber bands or hair ties, a cactus and your appetite.

Masturbation My Way

Added: 11/29/18
Be prepared and follow every last instruction.

Cum Craving Anal Addict
You're scared. You want to do it so bad. You want to ruin yourself for me, disgrace yourself, humiliate yourself, desecrate yourself. I will guide you gently into self destruction. The first step is to start stroking.

First Time Cum Eating
You come over on Sunday morning. I've had QUITE the night. Just your random, average orgy over here at the Beautiful People Club. You're not hot enough to join my parties, but you're sitting here on the edge of your seat listening to me talk about them.

Bukkake In A Glass
It's a CEI hypnosis theme with a release trigger towards the end.

CEI Hypnosis
Your girlfriend is so vicious, she purposely catches you off guard clad in lingerie, drops you to your knees and proceeds to exploit you. You are a slave to your sexual urges, as usual. She knows this too well. She teases you while instructing you to masturbate, once you get close she decides you need to earn your orgasm.

Humiliating JOI

It's simple, and it has to be because this sexy lingerie makes you soooooo stupid! You shove something in your slutty asshole and you jerk your stupid dick exactly how I tell you to.

Ass Play and Cum Eating
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