You're going to fuck your own face and swallow your cum, exactly the way I instruct you to...

Jizz Your Face for Princess Becky with Your Mouth Wide Open

Added: 3/15/19
I know how hard it is for you to taste your own cum by yourself so Im going to make you do it.

Cum On Your Face

Added: 12/16/18
I seduce you, instruct your jerking, and talk you into blasting your own creamy discharge all over your ugly face.

Cum on your face
So what should we do with all that spunk ready to erupt? You’ll have to cum directly in your mouth.

Cum Choke Facial

Added: 1/30/18
Today you're going to enjoy the ultimate cum lover's fantasy: a semen shower. A big, cummy self-facial, with my encouragement guiding you forward.

Cum Shower CEI

Added: 6/1/18
Are you ready to play a dangerous CEI game? Lie down on your back. Assume the position. Tongue out, hips arched up, cock pointed right at your face.
This is a foolproof CEI session. There's no opportunity to back out, no chance for hesitation, no space for second thoughts. You will end up with cum drenching your face and tongue. You will eat your load by the end. I promise.

Foolproof CEI

Added: 3/10/18
I truly enjoy humiliating you idiots. I also enjoy taking away things that give you pleasure. Since you're such a disgusting little cretin, you love that.

Ruined Facial for Cum Guzzlers
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