Yes, come in. I understand you’re interested in our services. Here at the Femme Fatale Agency, we provide men with a peaceful and pleasurable way for them to exit this cruel world with dignity. I just have a few contracts for you to sign and then I’ll send you on your way. Don’t worry about any of the difficult things like life insurance or wills.

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Femme Fatale Agency
I have a philosophy.
I firmly believe that men exist for the service and pleasure of women. I believe that your objectives towards women should centre purely around service, and not sexual gratification. As a slave of mine, this is something you must live by.

Eva De Vil - Service, Not Sex
While you tug at your miserable meat as she humiliates you, drooling with her panties gagging you, think about how well you're going to clean up your spunk when you make a mess of Mistress

I Made A Mess For Mistress
Eat your FULL load for me.

Eat it & I'll go on a date with you
And now.....last lesson for today!!! Taste of cum....first semen swallow!!! Open your mouth....

Will you get any man you want? I'm here to make you best male lover ever!
Sydney knows how much you're craving an orgasm, so for today, she has something extra in mind. And that is for you to taste the cream in your mouth.

"See, big shot, there's the camera right there!" And then he's made to eat his own cum. Forced.

The Shotcaller
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