Ohhhh, fuck!!! He’s blowing a huge load all over his pretty panties!!! LOL

Swinger Wifes Handjob Humiliation
...because I don’t know if you realized that you’re gonna need two shot classes full of cum to obey the tasks in this super humiliating video…

Amuse Me Dildo Cum Slut
I know you LOVE stroking your dick but I was hoping we could do something different today.

Be prepared to sexualize she-dick and lust for cum.

Ultimate Sissification

Added: 9/15/18
Upset about the last two sessions where you ended up with cum all over your face and in your mouth, you set out to contact me yet again to make me delete the very embarrassing videos that I took of you.

Bullied Into Eating Your Own Cum
I instruct my sissy bitch how to cum with two different pairs of panties. Lots of dirty talking, feminization and clit rubbing encouragement.

Sissy Bitch Panty JOI
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