It's time for your next Therapy-Fantasy appointment. In our last session, you told Me that you're insecure about your tiny dick. So I decided to take a more practical approach for this appoint. As we begin today's session it surprises you to see My pull out a pocket pussy. I hand it to you and ask you to fuck it for Me. I'm hoping it will get you aroused enough for Me to see your true size, and maybe get an idea of how experienced you are in bed.

Pussy Free Therapy-Fantasy SPH
You're so horny for me, and I know a freak like you has a pocket pussy laying around so I want you to get it and fuck it for me! I walk your pathetic self through fucking your fake pussy and count you down until you blow a big load and lap it up after!

Eat cum out of your fleshlight for me
You like to stroke, you love your fleshlight, and you're curious about eating your own cum...enter this clip.

Make Out With Your Fleshlight
Me guiding you and telling you what to do. This is what you want. It’s so much better than sex!

Better Than Sex
I doubt that you’ll be able to make it to the end of this clip!

 Clean Up Cuck Loves Cream Pie
Today, let's take it up a notch. Sydney wants you to use your flesh light again, but today, she expects you to also eat your cum for her.

Then you'll be consuming your cum when I say as I tease you in this sheer lingerie.

Pocket Pussy CEI Tasks

Added: 5/9/20
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