We're about to go to bed when you realize, we are all out of mouthwash.

 Special Mouthwash CEI

Added: 2/7/18
I start videoing you with my phone and seduce you to lick your own cum for the first time for me.

Flip Flop Licker Exposed
There you are, kneeling before Me, playing with all that sticky cum in your mouth. you really are My sissy bimbo bitch!

Eat cum for My feet
"You are going to jerk your pathetic cock to My feet today and worship them... and yours... just how I say. Get ready to lap something up, or a few things."

Foot Worship My Way
If the model is interested or enjoys in CEI she can at her discretion provide such instructions but keep in mind this is a fetish which has never been explored. The model is free to add any artistic ideas to the the video.

Foot Worship JOI CEI

Added: 1/18/18
At the Goddess' feet, that's where you belong. That's your comfort zone. You watch in awe as Sydney sips on her coffee drink. She catches you staring at her beautiful feet. How can you not? You are a true foot boy after all. And it's not hard for Sydney to notice your hard on. She tells you to beg for permission to touch her feet. So you beg. And get denied. As a consolation prize, Sydney allows you to jerk off to her beautiful feet. The only condition is that you have to cum all over Sydney's feet. And then lick off all the cum off her feet. You are not very eager about the prospect of eating your own cum but the bulge in your pants has already made the decision for you.

My feet are your complete obsession. I am beautiful and perfect but it’s my feet that you just can’t stop thinking about. It’s my feet that just draw you in and make you weak and make you stupid. While I tease and taunt you, all you end up looking at are my toes. You just want to suck on my toes and lick them clean.

Obsessed Horny Foot Boys Edge And Eat Their Cummy Messes For Me
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