Upset about the last two sessions where you ended up with cum all over your face and in your mouth, you set out to contact me yet again to make me delete the very embarrassing videos that I took of you.

Bullied Into Eating Your Own Cum
A-HAH! I've caught you sticky handed. I leave the room for five minutes, and you're already trying to milk out another hot load from your cock. You really are the very picture of an addict.

Forced To Eat 2 Loads In A Row
Are you ready to play a dangerous CEI game? Lie down on your back. Assume the position. Tongue out, hips arched up, cock pointed right at your face.
This is a foolproof CEI session. There's no opportunity to back out, no chance for hesitation, no space for second thoughts. You will end up with cum drenching your face and tongue. You will eat your load by the end. I promise.

Foolproof CEI

Added: 3/10/18
This is a 3-part task that will take you several hours to several days. You will be instructed to gather your favorite hard booze and container that you will be made to cum into. You will be cumming multiple times to prepare a sizable enough cocktail.. but it's not going to be just one. I want this done three times, which means you'll be jerking off like crazy to make those loads of cum for my task. We'll see how long it takes you and how big of a mess you'll make when I've got you plastered and guzzling your own cum.

3x Cum - Drink - Cum
I have my slave restrained in a humiliating position, legs spread and his cock dangling over his mouth. I explain that I'll be forcing him to eat his own cum and he can't do anything about it.

Jerked Into Your Waiting Mouth
How would you like to know that the only sex you'll ever get from now on will be getting fucked by my soft leather gloves?

Leather Glove Fucker