All of my good boys do exactly as I say and are as obedient as possible. You are going to beat it and then eat it! Always do what I say and never fight me on that.

Goddess JessiBelle - Beat It and Eat It - Redux
You’re about to attempt your first 24 hours in chastity. Time to tease you into subspace as I tell you all the details about making it through your first day in your cage.

Crystal Knight - 1st Day In Chastity
There is something special about you. You're not like the rest. You were born with a purpose that you don't even know about just yet but i have the ability to make it all come to life with some simple reprogramming.

Britini Starr - Reprogrammed Into a Faggot
Me in pink, humiliating you, telling you how to stroke your cock and then making you into eating your own cum...What could be sweeter than that? Not your spunk I can tell you that! You've been begging to cum after all this time in chastity and it has pulled on your Goddess's heart strings and she has FINALLY granted you the opportunity to cum... but not without some humiliation of course.

Goddess Farrah - You Can Cum if You Eat it!
Candy, you look so innocent in those PJs. You’re supposed to be calculated and merciless? But that onesie is so cute. How could you possibly harvest my personal information and use it to make me do your bidding when you look so sweet?

Candy Glitter - Deceptively Cute And Innocent Blackmail-Fantasy
For the next half hour, you are my slave, my bitch, and my word is your command.
I snap my fingers and tell you to stare at my tits. And what do you do? You as you're told. I snap my fingers and tell you to stroke.

Natashas Bedroom - Slave Commands
Look at what happens when you behave. When you keep Goddess happy and prioritize Her every need? The views I bless you with just become even more outstanding.

Goddess Lindsey - A VERY Good Boy
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