Very tough teasing challenge in which I am trying to resist you and not cum but you are trying to break that. The things that may make me explode on a challenge video would be camel toe shots, front or back, dirty talking demanding I get on the edge over and over, nudity slips while teasing. erotic whispering, lots of sexy leg movement. sheer lingerie would be great as well but any will do.

Sara Saint - Try Not To Cum Challenge
You've been such a dirty pervert and I've noticed every single time your eyes have wandered, I've caught you staring, glancing with lust in your eyes. I have a special little treat for filthy pervs just like you, a deliciously painful tease until your your cock is throbbing hard and your balls are filled & blue.

Goddess Angelina - Perv Punishment
I have a philosophy.
I firmly believe that men exist for the service and pleasure of women. I believe that your objectives towards women should centre purely around service, and not sexual gratification. As a slave of mine, this is something you must live by.

Eva De Vil - Service, Not Sex
This clip contains element of financial domination, findom, money fetish, greedy goddess, greedy princess, money goddess, money slavery, bratty, mind fuck, Mermerize fantasy, paypiggy, sub training.

Princess Fierce - Bratty Findom Stimulation
I don't care where you are right now or what you're doing. I know you're twitching as soon as you saw this preview. I have trained you and your cock so well that it's working against you because whether you like it or not, you're jacking off to me. You can try to resist if you must but you know that won't last.

Goddess Valora - I Dare You Not To Stroke (Nude)
You crave them. You want them. You need them. There's nothing but my big juicy tits on your mind, every waking moment. And at night, you dream about them. You know why? Because I installed myself into your weak brain, forever. And now you're here to get your next fix.

Miss Alisandra - You Need My Big Tits - Addiction Programming
The only thing that's on your min 24/7 is getting home, getting naked and stroking yourself to d3ath. You can't help it at this point because now you are in full blown addiction. The idea of sex with someone other than yourself is not as exciting as running home to blow your load for a hot woman like Me. Your sex life is just you and your hand now.

Goddess Amanda - Masturbation has Ruined Your Life
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