Guess there's only one thing to entertain me with a small dick.... to eat that cum for me

Cannot Satisfy Me

Added: 8/3/18
This clip goes out to all those males out there that think that it’s such a big fucking deal to eat your own cum. Are you kidding me?

It's Not That Bad CEI

Added: 5/18/18
I want you to hold back as much as you can before I allow you to release and eat all of your cum up off of my leggings.

Latex Feet Worship

Added: 9/16/18
I'm going to have you blow that load all over your computer screen and then I'm going to make you lick it all up! Look what I can make you do loser!

Lick That Screen Idiot, Complete Virtual Degradation
Stroke that dick to thought of eating your own cum

You Crave Cum As Much As You Crave Cock, Faggot
You need to earn your orgasm. You will jerk and jerk and jerk for me until you are begging cum. I will not allow you to cum until you agree to eat your own cum

Eating your own cum is something that you'd be tempted to try, isn't it? I know you want to, it's always on you mind when you jerk off, but as soon as you cum and are not aroused any more - it just becomes too difficult, too disgusting.

 Eat your cum for Me!
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