But your misery isn’t over yet ! It’s time to gargle and blow bubbles …

Clit Dicks Ruined Orgasm CEI
So I want you to lie on your back and put your legs up in the air so your cock is aimed at your face and your mouth, because my little tit loving loser, you are going to cum right into your own mouth.

Cum In Your Mouth For My Perfect Tits

Added: 3/21/19
I do that and when you finally let me cum on my face you tell me to thank you and to go back to my gf with my face covered in my cum.

Humiliating Orgasm Play - Custom

Added: 2/9/19
Are you ready to go trick or treating? You don't need any candy this year though -- cum is the only treat for you!

Trick or Treat, Cum to Eat
In today's cum eating instruction clip I want to make a deal with you.... I know how much you love a good deal....

Cum Eating Instructions
My guess is they want to eat my cum, take in my essence...

SMoking and Bragging
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