when I countdown for you to cum hard, make sure you do it into a shot glass, because you'll be eating it up for me.

Sexy Metronome JOI and CEI
Eating your cum; you’re obsessed. It is the ultimate in submissive behaviour and you KNOW how fucking much it will turn you on…when you can just LET GO and do it!

Softly Sweetly Swallow
You will be so fucked up that you will eat your own cum like a good good boy.

Poppers + CEI
Someday maybe you’ll see more skin, more lingerie but for now, you MUST eat cum.

Get Used To It - CEI
Today we will prep the your drink. After you’ve stroked your cock to Mt incredible body your balls will be SO heavy with delicious cum. You want to fill that glass up for ME, so you can toast My perfection on My special day.

It's My Birthday! CEI Drinks Prep

Added: 8/28/18
You know where you belong. You belong on the floor.

On All Fours
Who's hungry for some cum today? Yes? No? Either way, you ARE going to be eating that cum for your Princess today.

Sweet Sweet CEI

Added: 9/10/18
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