» » Goddess Brooke
We sweet talk you to agreeing to do whatever We ask...before you even know what it is.

Mesmerizing-MILFS Make you EAT your CUM
You're going to do it for ME. How could you not? I hate being all cutesy (Ok. That's not very true at all.) BUT when I want you to do something for me, I'm just going to tell you to do it. You're going to eat your cum for me and you're going to stop acting like a little sissy about it.

Let's Not Beat Around the Bush
You know what though, why don't we play a little game. Since I have your attention now you could be in so much trouble!

CEI for Daddy
Well let me tease that cum right out of you! I have on my favorite sweater and of course I don't have any panties on or a bra.

Balls TOO full? I have THE Solution!
We both know how much you love being tantalized and told to eat your cum. Hearing it from me just adds an extra tingling touch below.

CEI to My Big Bouncing Breasts