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It's time for your next Therapy-Fantasy appointment. In our last session, you told Me that you're insecure about your tiny dick. So I decided to take a more practical approach for this appoint. As we begin today's session it surprises you to see My pull out a pocket pussy. I hand it to you and ask you to fuck it for Me. I'm hoping it will get you aroused enough for Me to see your true size, and maybe get an idea of how experienced you are in bed.

Pussy Free Therapy-Fantasy SPH
I'll twerk in your face and humiliate you to a pulp. Once the clock strikes 12, you'll be getting into the loser position for Me. I want you to cum all over your dumb little face. Don't wipe it off- I want you to go to bed like that and wake up to it tomorrow. I want you to start the new year off right!

New Year's Self Facial 2022
You've been begging to prove yourself for awhile now. You so desperately want to be owned by Me. I finally agree do a session with you. This will prove if you are worthy of being owned by Me. I tell you to edge to My videos for days before we meet, as I want you to have a massive load ready.

New Slave CEI
I just got back from dinner, and I had a great time! But I've decided that it's time for you to eat yours. All of your money went to paying for My dinner, so your meal will be 100% free. Maybe you'll even be allowed to have seconds and thirds! Now open wide and beg Me to feed you.

Dinner Time CEI
I want you to swallow every single load for Me today. Every. Single. One. I want you to be My cum guzzling whore. So, build up a big load for Me, beta boy. I want to watch you shoot the biggest load directly down your throat.

Swallow It All
You don't deserve pussy, and I am going to make sure you never even THINK about it ever again. I wear My most covering panties, and start with the pussy-free training. The best way to train you is through cum eating.

Pussy Free CEI Training
I walk into your room to grab something, but I find you masturbating. You immediately try to hide yourself under the sheet. I notice that you're hiding something behind your back, and I demand to see what it is. It's a picture of Me. I am disgusted, but I make a deal with you. If I allow you to jerk off to Me in person you will agree to NEVER jerk off to Me again.

Eat Your Cum, Roomie!
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