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You've come to the hospital with a lot of pain in your balls, and a fake story about how you got it. I see right through you, but I decide to have a bit of fun with you. Once I see how small your cock is, I tell you that there is a secret cure.

Goddess Evelyn - Nurse Tricks You CBT
Evelyn says you should be able to watch and jerk to cock without cumming. Then progresses to humiliating you and forcing you to cum while jerking to it.

Goddess Evelyn - Fragile Heterosexuality
You're a recent ex of Mine, and you stop by My house to try to convince Me to take you back. I've been having sex with My big dick ex again, and there's no way I'm going back to your tiny dick. I quickly get tired of your begging, and offer a solution. If you can last until I give you a cum countdown, then you can have one last go with Me...but, if you can't last, then you'll give up and be My cuck.

Goddess Evelyn - Ex To Cuck
Hi My bullied boy. I want to talk about your dick today- or rather, your lack of one. I really want to make you understand how useless it is. How pointless it is. That thing is not a dick. It could NEVER pleasure a Woman like Me. I need REAL cock. I'm talking 9 thick heavy inches.That's the type of deep fucking that I need- that I crave. It wouldn't be natural for you to fuck Me, obviously. But it is for him. It's as nature intended. So I want you to be My cuck.

Goddess Evelyn - Born To Be A Cuck
You can't believe you're doing this, but you have no choice. You're back in the teachers lounge again after class. You know that your professor is probably going to make you suck your cock again...but if you don't do it, She will hand over all the explicit footage of you to the school Dean. She immediately instructs you back into the loser position and demands that you stroke. As she begins to turn around and show Her plump ass you can't hold it anymore. You cum all over your face.

Goddess Evelyn - Fucked By Your Teacher
It's time for your next Therapy-Fantasy appointment. In our last session, you told Me that you're insecure about your tiny dick. So I decided to take a more practical approach for this appoint. As we begin today's session it surprises you to see My pull out a pocket pussy. I hand it to you and ask you to fuck it for Me. I'm hoping it will get you aroused enough for Me to see your true size, and maybe get an idea of how experienced you are in bed.

Pussy Free Therapy-Fantasy SPH
I'll twerk in your face and humiliate you to a pulp. Once the clock strikes 12, you'll be getting into the loser position for Me. I want you to cum all over your dumb little face. Don't wipe it off- I want you to go to bed like that and wake up to it tomorrow. I want you to start the new year off right!

New Year's Self Facial 2022
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