Ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice for your goddess...

Break Your Balls For My Tits JOI
Your private predilections did give me an idea on how you can start earning your keep around here.

Pimping My Sissy Son To Earn His Keep
I want to display my control over you and have you feeling your defeat spray all over your face. There's no choice in this matter for you, I will make sure it's inescapable.

Cum On Your Face
You are a sick little jerkoff. You want me to force you to eat your cum

The Loser Circle of Life

Added: 8/5/19
Sluts like you just LOVE to guzzle your own cum.

Red Bikini JOI CEI for Cum Sluts
We know you’ll be desperate to spill your load after being instructed to jerk your cock in front of us, and you’ll be willing to agree to our condition for doing so. You’ll lick up every single last drop of your cum for us

 Shiny, Sniffy, Bratty CEI

Added: 8/25/19
For beginners and the well trained cum guzzlers. Your not so secret desire to drink your own spunk has finally reached its peak and you are CRAVING a nice, hot load of cum in your wide open mouth.

Eat It Everytime
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