You see that condom full of jizz? Youre taking that to work with you today. Thats your lunch.

Jizz Packed Lunch
Close your eyes as you wrap your hand around that hard, excited cock. As you begin to slowly stroke, I want you to imagine a big load of cum shooting out of that cock. Where do you want that load to land?

No Way Out CEI
You'd love to be allowed to cum for me wouldn't you? You'd love to blow out a loser-load while I verbally berate you and laugh at you so guess what - that's exactly what you're going to get.

Bratty Ruined Orgasm CEI
…I know you’ve wanted to try cum eating for a while now. I’ve instructed you to do it in the past, using a variety of different methods

Encouraging, Meditational CEI

Added: 6/28/19
I know how turned on you are, so I let you jerk off to me as long as you promise to be a good boy and clean up your mess!

Post-Workout CEI
Now eat it! That's right!

Eat your cum cookie
If you want to cum, you must lick up every drop.

Sticky Cum Slut Facial
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