It was just too easy for me to take advantage of your weakness for me. My face, my voice… oh, and my ass too!
But you don’t mind the way I capitalize on my natural assets to assert my control, do you? How could you mind when it feels this good to stroke your addicted cock for this perfect ass?

Eva de Vil - Adoring Ass Addict
Feel My soft, shiny body.. look at your cock, its getting harder... My luxurious LOUBOUTINS look so beautiful against your balls lets just give them a little kick. Kicking your tender balls just makes you harder... Wank for Me My slave... lets have a race can I kick you enough to stop your orgasm? If you do cum you'll be made to LICK it up from My leather leggings... Don't leave one drop on Me or there will be trouble...

Mistress Courtney - Wank for Kicks for Licks
Let's see if you can last through this edging challenge today. How long you can stay right on the edge of cumming without losing control. I'll be pushing your limits, and it won't be long before I hear you begging for me to allow you to cum.

Mina Thorne - Nearly There Edging Challenge
I know all about you. I know you so well that you will stroke forever. Your whole life just stroking, jerking, masturbating to femdom porn. To all kinds of porn. Staring at the screen, hours and hours of watching my clips. You're a total jerk off addict! A masturbation fiend. A JOI connoisseur.

Bratty Bunny - Stroke Forever
Ready to worship some cocks? You are going to be my cock slut today. My own little faggot. You are gonna learn to love cocks so much, it is going to be your sex life from now on. Cocks are so much more exciting than pussy.

Goddess Alianna - Cock Worship JOI Uncensored
Un joi avec option cei.. Tu vas ruiner ton orgasme pour moi - Aimes tu ruiner ton orgasme pour moi.

itsxlilix - Un joi avec option CEI
The hard heavy doors closed behind you. The clip begins when you realise you're trapped now, and your goth date, turns out to want to keep you here! You plead with her to let you go after all, you weren't in the right mind, you were so stupidly horny you didn't notice you're in a dungeon until now!

Tsarina Baltic - Wednesdays Jerk & CEI Game
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