The only time I ll let you near my pussy is when youre sucking his load out of it.

Cuckold Roommate
...spreading it in your face....

Ass Worshiping For Losers
I know you have the taste of your own cum, so be careful as you worship my body today.

Ruin It or Eat It
You want to eat your cum. You fantasize endlessly about it, especially when you're jerking away and edging closer...closer...closer to that payload.

The Best Reason To Eat Your Cum

Added: 4/26/19
I'm going to do just that. I'm going to f***e you to lap up your own cum load but it'll go beyond that... it's going to be in an even MORE humiliating manner than just eating your own jizz!

Demoralizing CEI

Added: 3/12/19
You so badly want to be a little cum eating slut for Me, don't you? The idea makes your cock SO fucking hard, you just can't stop thinking about how good it would feel to obey Me and swallow your own jizz.

CEI Starter Pack

Added: 4/9/19
I'm going to ruin your orgasm and make you lap up all the cum that dribbles from your dickhead, slut!

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