You know the inevitable is about to come (you saw the title), but it’s not so disgusting when it’s for Me, right?

Good Boys Eat Cum

Added: 2/7/19
I'll make you eat your words and your cum too.

Tricking You Into Eating Your Cum
I LOVE making you eat your own cum!

Edging towards a Facial Release
I know how hard it is for you to taste your own cum by yourself so Im going to make you do it.

Cum On Your Face

Added: 12/16/18
You only think facial and swallowing porn is hot because you have no idea how GROSS cum tastes!

Will I let you cum? Or will I ruin it? Will I make you eat it in some fun way?

Maybe, Maybe Not Part 2
Everyone is sitting around the table eating delicious turkey or ham. All the while are going to be eating something else...

Holiday Meal CEI
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