Let me make you weak and mess with your mind a little as I mess with your orgasm, just a little.

CEI Game
I want you to press play and watch my instructions for you to eat your delicious cum.

Ruined Orgasm JOI + CEI
...no cuck training is complete without tasting a little, salty spunk.

Cock Worship Cuckold Training

Added: 6/23/19
If you pass you will get the CEI of your life.

The Ultimate CEI Game
Even if I am not explicitly telling you to eat your cum in a clip, you must ALWAYS eat it.

Life Long Cum Eater - Punishment
Get your glass ready, get on your knees and get edging on My count.

Eat your Ruined Orgasm
A game where I flip the coin.Which will it be today?

Mesmerized into Cum Eating
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