Go and get a plate and place it on your desk in front of you. Any cum that leaks from your tiny dicklet will have to be licked off that plate.

Edge And Ruin For Me
I’ve got a little dare , I know you can’t resist jerking that cock hard for me ...

Secret Cum Gobbler
.. I also want you to eat your own cum today.

Extreme Edging & CEI
If I win, you'll be eating your cum right out of the palm of your hand

Stop and Go JOI Card Game

Added: 2/27/19
You're really going to savor your cum for me. You'll be holding it in your mouth longer today than you ever have before. You'll still be tasting your load as your dick starts to fall limp, swishing it around and letting it linger, simultaneously repulsed and aroused.

Hold It In Your Mouth CEI

Added: 12/7/18
It is time to correct that and remove all the protective layers of your mind.

Home wreck - Mind wash

Added: 3/2/19
At the end you add another twist by telling me that I have clean it all up or you will expose me.

JOI Game: Are You Getting All Worked Up?

Added: 3/28/19
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