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Do you actually think little sissy bitches like you are worthy of fucking a real pussy? Not a chance! All you get is your own hand or maybe a pillow to hump.

Pussy pillow humper
Kendra has just fucked her slut in the ass. Now she has him flipped over and demands that he jerk off on his face. She wants to watch her bitch shower himself with his own male filth.

Cum on your face by Kendra
The Premature ejaculator is punished by having his legs flipped over his head and they milk the remaining sperm into his mouth.

Premature Orgasm Ruiner
I'm going to punish and humiliate you until your face is drenched in your own sissy slime...

Kendra's BJ Promise Turns into a Humiliating Sissy Facial for You
♥ ♥ Menu for the evening:
followed by the lovely

Cum Soup
So that I can command you to arch your hips, hike up your skirt, pull down your panties and spunk all that cum all over your slut face for Kendra.

Miss Kendra Will Free You from Chastity to Give You a Slut Facial
Do you think that Kendra does not see all the pervy things that you do around the house? She knows everything. If she wanted you to jerk yourself off, she would have given you permission.

Eating my cum for Kendra James
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