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You've fantasized about it for a long time, but today you're going to learn to eat alpha cum and enjoy it!

Cum Loads for Kendra

Added: 2/16/20
Now I have a treat for you! You're going to suck his cum out of My panties and clean up My pussy while stroking your lesser man dicklet!

Suck My Cum Stained Panties
Do you actually think little sissy bitches like you are worthy of fucking a real pussy? Not a chance! All you get is your own hand or maybe a pillow to hump.

Pussy pillow humper
Kendra has just fucked her slut in the ass. Now she has him flipped over and demands that he jerk off on his face. She wants to watch her bitch shower himself with his own male filth.

Cum on your face by Kendra
The Premature ejaculator is punished by having his legs flipped over his head and they milk the remaining sperm into his mouth.

Premature Orgasm Ruiner
I'm going to punish and humiliate you until your face is drenched in your own sissy slime...

Kendra's BJ Promise Turns into a Humiliating Sissy Facial for You
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