.. I also want you to eat your own cum today.

Extreme Edging & CEI
Well when I purchased this new Latex Outfit it made me dominant once again, this time - not only dominant, it made me want to explore the world of CEI

Swallow Your Load
You're really going to savor your cum for me. You'll be holding it in your mouth longer today than you ever have before. You'll still be tasting your load as your dick starts to fall limp, swishing it around and letting it linger, simultaneously repulsed and aroused.

Hold It In Your Mouth CEI

Added: 12/7/18
...encouraging you to stroke your cock and eat your cum.

Tit Worship CEI
I want you to hold back as much as you can before I allow you to release and eat all of your cum up off of my leggings.

Latex Feet Worship

Added: 9/16/18
I really want to draw this out so it's really humiliating for you.
So maybe I'll have you cum on a plate so you can take your time and lick up every last drop.

Stroke The Cage And Eat The Cum

Added: 7/1/18
Today, I'm am going to teach you who is really in charge of your orgasms. Spoiler alert: it's me! You may think that you have full autonomy over your cock, but we both know that for the chance to watch my ass bouncing in your face, you will surrender all free will to me and only me!

Slut Training And Ass Play
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