You’re going to be so hot for it… lying there, jerking your cock, drawing yourself up so close to your own mouth.

Suck It, Savor It, Swallow It All Down
You're not going to chicken out this time, and you're not going to lose your desire to give yourself a taste after coming. You're going to eat your cum right in front of me and love every drop of it!

Coaxing You through your Very First Taste of your Own Cum
you've been wanting me to train you to eat your cum for quite some time.

Seductive and Tricky CEI Training
I pick out the drink for you. It starts with a 'V' and ends with a 'A'. Be quick. I'll make you cum as soon as this clip starts. Go save it in the fridge.

Hard Drinking Cum Bitch

Added: 6/3/18
I've created a true masterpiece. My glamorous outfit and shiny red lips will finally be your downfall.

Eat Your Jizz
You're scared. You want to do it so bad. You want to ruin yourself for me, disgrace yourself, humiliate yourself, desecrate yourself. I will guide you gently into self destruction. The first step is to start stroking.

First Time Cum Eating
It's that time again: time for you to eat your own cum for Me like a good little slut. But I don't want you to think about it as gross or disgusting; today I want you to really savor it for Me.

Savor Your Spunk CEI
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