Then you'll be finishing it all off with a nice CEI.

FleshLight Fuck and CEI
You want to eat your cum but you just can't get yourself to.

My little strip tease will have you ready to cum when I say.

Your Friends Hot Sis

Added: 9/30/18
You know where you belong. You belong on the floor.

On All Fours
You’re going to be so hot for it… lying there, jerking your cock, drawing yourself up so close to your own mouth.

Suck It, Savor It, Swallow It All Down
You're not going to chicken out this time, and you're not going to lose your desire to give yourself a taste after coming. You're going to eat your cum right in front of me and love every drop of it!

Coaxing You through your Very First Taste of your Own Cum
you've been wanting me to train you to eat your cum for quite some time.

Seductive and Tricky CEI Training
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