The only way you are going to be the perfect little sissy for me is to have lots of dicks in your mouth.

Afraid To Be Pimped Out
My semen sucker is back, this faggy just can not get enough. I do enjoy harassing him for being gay and loving the taste of cum.

Semen Sucker CEI

Added: 5/31/19
And will you get to cum? Of course not.

Pillow Humping, Ass Stuffing Gayboy

Added: 5/18/19
Well, I think I know one way to help you practice: eating your own load.

Gay Cum Guzzling Mind Fuck

Added: 5/17/19
I think there will be no backing out now faggot!

Guzzle, Guzzle, Guzzle
for Sweet Maria always knows best.

Your Last Orgasm As A Straight Male
You're going to jerk it for me then as I talk to you

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