Feeling horny? Would you like to jerk off right now? I have an idea! Do you have a Fleshlight? That's great. I'll tell you exactly what to do while you fuck the fleshlight and watch my pussy.

cat_on_show - Fuck the fleshlight like my pussy - JOI and CEI
Imagine the fun weekend your friends are about to have. Sunshine, poolside laughter, fun company. Your weekend is going to be... a little different. The only face you'll see is mine. The only beverage you'll be enjoying is the goo oozing out of your dick.

Kendall Olsen - Obsessed With CEI
I have been optioned by our city\s mayor to patrol the streets at night during this quarantine. Yes me..The HOTTEST woman you have ever seen..While you seemed to have wondering out well past the city's curfew limits..

Goddess Taylor Knight - Corona Cum Patrol
Some say it is the most important meal of the day, that to start your morning of right, it is wise to have a good size portion of protein for breakfast. That's exactly what I am going to have you do in this clip.

Goddess Olivia Rose - Breakfast CEI
Maybe this addiction of yours was perfectly planned out by you. A cum slut, a man in love with tasting his own cum, addicted to porn??

Unfriendly Black Hottie - Porn Addicted cumslut
Aren’t breasts amazing? They way they nourish life with their milk, and just about all of us are alive because their nutrients sustained us. In that sense, balls are similarly important.

DarlingKiyomi - Taste Your Own Milk!
You'll do something very special for Christmas. Something very loser-like, something very YOU. You'll find somewhere to store your cum and start cumming on it. You'll save some loads for Christmas day and that's your special gift for a special day.

Goddess Dri - Save Your Loads
It’s the end of UnHoly Week at the Church of Satanatrix and we will conclude it with our annual Easter Sunday Service. The focus of today’s service is subjugation through sin.

Lady Vi - UnHoly Week – Easter Sunday Subjugation
I have an idea. I want us to go a bit further. I want you to do something more. jerking to me beauty, listening to my voice, its all so sweet but I want you to dive deeper for me. I want you to eat your own cum. yea, think about it, it's not a very bad idea is it.

Empress Jess - EJ Cum Eating Idea
StepMom walks in on you while you were masturbating. She feels bad for interrupting you and insists she can help you finish. Don't be shy boy, that's what stepmoms are for!

AimeeWavesXXX - StepMom Loves Boys That Eat Their Own Cum
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