So... today, you'll CUM too!

Tonight you will cum...
My pussy doesn't taste like cum, you're being insane...just keep eating me. Mmm...that feels so good...oh god, yes, eat his cum right out of me!...what??

Cucked Into Cum Eating by Your Wife
I've done my job as your sex therapist, as you cum into your own mouth.

Sex Therapist Makes You Eat Your Cum
Many of you have obsessed over My CEI clips and eating your own cum for Me.

Your Cum Tastes Good CEI

Added: 11/2/19
I’m going to make you eat your cum, thats right.

Mommy's CEI
Do you like sweaters and fleece jackets? Do you like being instructed to eat your own cum? Then this will be the perfect video for you!

Fleece Enthusiast Eats Cum

Added: 9/11/19
I’ll give you a cum countdown until…I let you cum all over them (in your hand) then lick them clean…

Foot licking CEI
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