Hi there pervert. I know its been a while since you heard my voice giving you some cum eating instructions. You become so weak and desperate when you listen to me. Go ahead, take your pant off, pull your cock out. Have you missed pupming it for me dirty cum eating loser?

Miss Honey Barefeet - Cum eating loser!
I know how you love to be a good girl for me, don't you? You'll do anything to hear those words from me. Today that means being the sluttiest little whore you can be, you're going to dress up, rub your little clitty, and then swallow down every last drop of that cum for me!

Princess Kaelin - Good sissies swallow
I am a Vulcan Science officer, complete with the irresistibly cute 60s mod dress hugging my curves and black shiny gogo boots on my size ten (10) feet. I've invited you to my personal quarters during a very important moment in a Vulcan's life cycle- Pon Farr.

DandyinDistress - Vulcan JOI LLAH
Only good boys go to heaven. Are you a good boy?

Eva de Vil - Heaven
Macy Nikole walks in wearing a sexy leather skirt and top outfit. She wants you to jerk off for her. She is so nice and sexy. She tells you exactly how to jerk it. Stroke that cock to her. She slowly strips naked and touches herself, giving you great views of her body. She encourages you with hand jerkoff signals. Lots of nice, sexy talk. Macy really wants to see you cum.

Macy Nikole - Jerkoff and Cum Eating Instruction
If you want to be my boyfriend I have one little test you'll have to pass. I won't date anyone that won't do just this one thing for me. It's very important that you jerk off for me and make sure you eat your cum.

Goddess JessiBelle - Boyfriend Tryouts: CEI Part 1
I want you to eat all of your cum. What’s the point in shaming you when I can encourage you to eat it since it tastes so good? It’s so delicious that I don’t want you to waste a single drop! I will sensually encourage you to stroke and cum, knowing that any time you empty your balls, I expect you to enjoy that cum. Every delicious drop is for you to lick up and enjoy for me!

Kelle Martina - Eat Delicious Cum
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