I can tell your hungry, hungry for something tasty. I want you to eat your cum.

Edging CEI

Added: 2/1/19
I know how hard it is for you to taste your own cum by yourself so Im going to make you do it.

Cum On Your Face

Added: 12/16/18
If you really want release you need to become the ultimate loser and eat your own jizz for me.

Homewrecker: HUBBY Turned LOSER!

Added: 12/13/18
With all the different ways there are to make you eat your own cum... I figured I might as well make a five part series with my top five favorite ways to make you eat it.

Five Different CEI's Part 1
You are such a cum eating loser... no, a cum eating slut for Me.

Cum Eating Loser
You look hungry. You should make a sandwich…using your “special sauce”.

Special sauce CEI
My hot and sexy CEI will leave you with no choice but to give me exactly what I want.

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