I have the power to make your cum taste delicious, to turn the act of CUM eating into a devotional, deeply pleasurable act....

CEI Just The Way you Like It

Added: 5/16/19
For beginners and the well trained cum guzzlers. Your not so secret desire to drink your own spunk has finally reached its peak and you are CRAVING a nice, hot load of cum in your wide open mouth.

Eat It Everytime
I know you've been so hesitant to swallow your cum. You've tried so many things, and you just can't do it.

CEI Operant Conditioning
Your wife is soon shuddering with pleasure and her TS pleasurestick is growing in her hand. She likes the taste of her precum, and now begs you to use her holes WHILE she strokes her hard dick.

Bride in a Box - Mail Order Tranny
You'll be my good little cumslut, won't you?

Sensual Cum Play

Added: 7/6/19
Today's task is very simple. You're going to cum twice during our jerk off session, and eat it one of those times.

Cum Twice, Eat It Once
Get your glass ready, get on your knees and get edging on My count.

Eat your Ruined Orgasm
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