Sound and visual effects are used to trigger your addiction to CEI.

My jerk motions are triggering a cum eating obsession. Soon you find yourself programmed to slurp from your palm.

Psychedelic Cum Eating Programming
Your powerless obedience turns your crush on so much she strips down and plays with herself too, knowing you're completely under her spell and will remember nothing about this when you wake up, not even the taste of your own cum!

Mesmerized By Your Crush CEI
Eating your cum; you’re obsessed. It is the ultimate in submissive behaviour and you KNOW how fucking much it will turn you on…when you can just LET GO and do it!

Softly Sweetly Swallow
Today we will prep the your drink. After you’ve stroked your cock to Mt incredible body your balls will be SO heavy with delicious cum. You want to fill that glass up for ME, so you can toast My perfection on My special day.

It's My Birthday! CEI Drinks Prep

Added: 8/28/18
I will have both your dignity and cash…and you’ll LET ME. Because I’m that one special Woman; you’ll happily reduce yourself to a pathetic drooling senseless mess on the floor for - for ME.

Dignity & Cash Collector

Added: 10/6/18
Teacher won't tell anyone. you are already thinking about those balls filling with cum for Me.

Sensual Mesmerizing CEI and JOE for Teacher
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