When you wake up, You will feel compelled to blurt out your new cum eating status to every pretty girl you meet.

Fail Male Cum Eating
At the start of the clip you have to guess the color of my panties. If you're wrong you have to cum in your mouth.

One minute youre agreeing to go into trance, the next you are fully aware that you are on the floor, pants around your ankles, covered in cum, shaking with pleasure. I look at you, over My glasses babes, it looks like your imagination has run away with you again, youve cum all over yourself! Well have sex tomorrow. Oh and youve got a little something, right there, in the corner of your mouth.

Covert Cum Conditioning
This cum eating instruction brainwashing clip by Princess Rene is filled with layers upon layers of Princess Rene's silky voice, coaxing you over and over again to eat your own cum.

Princess Rene's Subliminal CEI Brainwashing

Added: 7/21/18
THIS TIME will be different, you're going to do it.

CEI Brain Conditioner

Added: 7/14/18
You’ve been a good slut this week haven’t you? You’ve been jerking twice a day and saving every drop of every load of cum. Well now all of your saving and hard work is going to be rewarded.

Simplified Slave Training 2
Theres nothing you love more than losing your mind to me. Stroking away at my beauty and power. But you know an orgasm is earned. You the privilege of getting release doesn't come easy.

Eat It All Up For Princess!
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