Used condoms are so gross… But I guess that’s why you deserve them.

Your New Cum Slurping Ritual
Would you go as far as to eat your own cum for me?

Smoke Daze Mind Melt Makes You Stroke Edge and Lick It Up

Added: 8/4/19
Start this clip off with jerking off, and putting your cum in your mouth, holding it for the duration of the clip

Spit or Swallow
…I know you’ve wanted to try cum eating for a while now. I’ve instructed you to do it in the past, using a variety of different methods

Encouraging, Meditational CEI

Added: 6/28/19
So far you've resisted by efforts to get you to eat your cum. I been mean. I've been sweet. I've been cruel. I've been seductive. However, you just can't quite seem to push yourself for me. It's time to initiate plan B.

Shots And A Cum Shot
Well, I think I know one way to help you practice: eating your own load.

Gay Cum Guzzling Mind Fuck

Added: 5/17/19
Goddess, make me love eating cum!” NO no NO. It should not taste good, it should be INTENSE and profound. Eating your cum is 1) a deterrent to cumming in the first place 2) a reminder of how inferior you are in the inside. My cum tastes DELICIOUS, your does not. There is a reason for that.

Just Before you CUM....
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