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.I tell you exactly what I want you to do and you are compelled to obey. Visions of jizz shooting all over my body trigger you...you have to drink cum...you have to drink your own cum.

Taste their disdain for you? Taste their utter disregard? That’s what cum tastes like.

Total ASSimilation II
This clip is for boys who would like a gentle introduction to cum eating. You are seduced and encouraged to taste your precum only. Every little.

Taste Test
This Clip is not for boys who simply like dick from time to time. This clip is for advanced sissy sluts who are ready to ASSimilate themselves into complete mindlessness. Are you a good little cum towel?

Total ASSimilation
Ugh! Where are they? You know what I'm talking about...my panties! I know you stole them again. You are the worst brother ever!

Cum For Big Sister
I make your cock ache and twitch. As you stroke to my command I instruct you on how to extract your hot glistening precum out of your cock. Taste it.

Cum With Me

You want your cum more than ever as I stroke your cock in your face and force your giant load down your throat.

You Want Your Cum
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