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You want to eat your cum sooo bad but maybe you can't quite always go through with it...maybe you've NEVER done it! Well what could be hotter than TWO sexy girls encouraging you, hmm?

Eat Your Cum For Us - Sensual CEI

Added: 9/8/19
Can you cum? Do you think I fucking care either way? Not really, except there might be one thing a loser like you deserves...

Custom Fit For A Loser

Added: 9/6/19
I know you've been so hesitant to swallow your cum. You've tried so many things, and you just can't do it.

CEI Operant Conditioning
You'll be my good little cumslut, won't you?

Sensual Cum Play

Added: 7/6/19
Today's task is very simple. You're going to cum twice during our jerk off session, and eat it one of those times.

Cum Twice, Eat It Once
I've told you time and time again that I know what you cum eating instruction fetishists are like. You snap up the CEI clips, with every intention that 'today will be the day' you finally go through with it.

CEI Foreplay
You little cumsluts are always looking for novel ways to enjoy your load, and I think I have a simple but effective one today

Cum Voyeur CEI

Added: 5/17/19
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