» » Miss Melissa
Upset about the last two sessions where you ended up with cum all over your face and in your mouth, you set out to contact me yet again to make me delete the very embarrassing videos that I took of you.

Bullied Into Eating Your Own Cum
Keep up, pathetic loser for an entertaining, cum filled ending.

Red Faced
Not ready to take the plunge to eat your own cum? That's fine. Just make the decision to grab this video.

CEI Prep
You must wonder why your gf sent you to a therapist. Well, I am a special type of a therapist.

Doctor's Orders
If you want to see My feet today, you will have to endure some humiliation! I will pull off this sock if you touch your tongue to your own dick.

CEI for My Feet
I have a week long task for you! A humiliating task for a boy with nasty thoughts.

Week Long CEI Task
Enough with prep and slowly easing you into it. Enough with all of that BS! You are actually eating your own cum for Me today. I am THE One to make you do it! Today! Right now! So follow my directions and swallow your load for the first time!

Miss Melissa is THE One

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