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I make you stroke your cock for me, teasing you and edging you, making your promise to to as I say. When you cum, I have one final request; I want you to eat.

Seduced Into Eating Your Boy Juice
I want to see you gobble up a hot, sticky load of your own boy juice.

You Eat It First
If you want to cum for me today, you're going to have to drop that load right in your face. I want you to stroke furiously, all the while knowing that if you cum, you're going to be my own personal porn star. Just think of that thick, creamy jizz raining down into your waiting little mouth.

Self-Facial Instructions
I know cum eating has always been a difficult thing for you. You've always fantasized about it, but never could quite bring yourself to do it. So today, I'm going to slowly seduce you, working you up to the highest level of arousal.

Seductive CEI
This is a clip designed for boys who have a difficult time eating their cum. We both know you want to do it. You dream about it, fantasize about it, you even jerk off to it.

Sensual Haze CEI
Today's JOI assignment is for boys who secretly desire to choke down a load of their own filthy cum.

JOI For Cum Eaters
For today's JOI exercise you will need 7 days of cum saved up and frozen.

Dip and Lick
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