» » Mistress Ezada Sinn
Go get a bottle of your favorite strong liquor and a shot glass, and I will make you ready to do anything I want you to do for Me.

Have a Drink with Me
Everyone knows that I love to train males, and one thing that I like a lot is to include everyday objects in their training as triggers that will make them constantly think of Me.

The banana trigger
There you are, kneeling before Me, playing with all that sticky cum in your mouth. you really are My sissy bimbo bitch!

Eat cum for My feet
A good slave must be able to forget about his masculine pride in order to better serve a Woman. I found that a good way to train a male in this direction is by making him eat his own cum.

10 cum eating tasks for a 1 month training course
Eating your own cum is something that you'd be tempted to try, isn't it? I know you want to, it's always on you mind when you jerk off, but as soon as you cum and are not aroused any more - it just becomes too difficult, too disgusting.

 Eat your cum for Me!
I have an easy task for you to learn today, My sissy. I'm going to make you eat your own cum, and over time you will learn to love doing so. Yet before you get to jerk that tiny clitty of yours, let's dress you up in a pair of silky panties, attach some pretty nipple clamps and prepare a dildo for your slutty mouth and another for your cock-hungry man-pussy. Are you ready?

Eat you sissy cum off the cock!
Today I will make you eat your own filth. Yes, yes, you will. And yes, it is disgusting, but we both you've had this fantasy for a while, all you need now is a little bit of My help.

You will eat your filth for Me!