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Do it for me, to please me...you WILL be a good boy and FINALLY follow through with eating your cum.

Cum Eating Instruction for Dummies

I tell you to keep looking at me as you cum into a shot glass & eat it...holding it in your mouth a moment before swallowing it.

Fat Fucker Jerk Off Cum Eater
You'll get plenty of eye candy & a long, sensual countdown from 20...

Latex Goddess Cum Countdown
I order you to masturbate while making you repeat humiliating statements. I order you to ejaculate on the floor then lick it clean.

Femdom Therapist
You're going to be sucking a lot of cocks & eating a lot of cum so today you're going to stroke & eat all of your own load to get used to it.

Cocksucking Hooker Fagboy
This clip is best enjoyed if you jerk off BEFORE watching it and save your cum in a glass, on a plate, whatever.

Eat My Boyfriends Cum
Finger fuck your asshole using your own spunk as lube and continue to jerk off. When you're close to cumming you MUST eat your own cum BEFORE you're given permission to cum again.

Latex Nurse Cum Eating Instruction