In the end you eat your big tasty load for me!

When you wake up, You will feel compelled to blurt out your new cum eating status to every pretty girl you meet.

Fail Male Cum Eating
A-HAH! I've caught you sticky handed. I leave the room for five minutes, and you're already trying to milk out another hot load from your cock. You really are the very picture of an addict.

Forced To Eat 2 Loads In A Row
Once you cum in the loser position I show you, catching your cum with your mouth and swallowing it down Ill believe youre ready to be trained.

Gay Test
You still havent eaten your cum, even after all the CEI clips you buy, even after telling me how bad you want to be mine. You fantasize about me feeding it to you, but just cant do it yet!

Cumboy Promise
You've been patiently waiting to have a good orgasm, but you know you must be My good boy & wait patiently. I'm teaching you self control and you just love having Me be in control of your cock.

Stroke When I Stroke 3

Added: 7/20/18
Then, when you're done I'm going to have you lick it up off the floor.

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