I know you have the taste of your own cum, so be careful as you worship my body today.

Ruin It or Eat It
It is time to correct that and remove all the protective layers of your mind.

Home wreck - Mind wash

Added: 3/2/19
30 seconds for all horniness to subside, and feasting on your cum despite the lack of arousal:

Complete CEI Training Program Part 3

Added: 4/1/19
...after you willingly let your cum seep out without touching...

Complete CEI Training Program: Part 2

Added: 4/1/19
Maybe if you get on your back and prop your legs up against the wall... LOL... maybe if you point that dick RIGHT at your face as I count you down, I MIGHT let you cum!

Begging for Tease & Denial  Part 4
Вы сказали мне, чтобы я не кончал в течение нескольких дней и держал мою самую большую пробку под рукой, чтобы я мог вас порадовать и развлечь.

Plugged and covered in cum
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