You inform me that you have the perfect way to get a certain small group of losers to associate pure pleasure with sucking big dicks.

Goddess Christina - Youre So Gay: Self Sucking Fag

Added: 5/21/18
Are you a kinky cum eater? Whether you love eating your cum like a little slut or you're a first-timer...

Eat Your Cum for Rene and Astro Kittie
Unlike the first two clips in this series I'm not going to instruct you to suck yourself, or tell you to stop and go, or even have you suck it at all. Instead I'm going to tease you until you can't resist. If you want any pleasure while watching this video it's going to be from sucking yourself. The only way you'll orgasm while watching this clip is in a self facial, a ruined orgasm, or a mouthful of your own cum.

Cock sucking self facial challenge 3
Are you flexible enough to suck your own cock? Well I have the perfect edging game in mind. When I say GO or SUCK you're going to suck yourself until I stay STOP. Sucking yourself based on my instruction, just the tip, licking, gagging, fast, slow etc. I bet that teasing you with my curves and with my instruction it will be impossible to resist cumming in your own mouth (or at least all over your face!).

Cock sucking self facial challenge