in your CEI training is going to involve what you've craved all along; cum directly in your mouth.

Progressive CEI Training 3 - Cum In Mouth

Added: 2/14/19
You WILL be cumming on your own face, but whether or not you actually ingest any cum will be up to you (and luck, a little).

Progressive CEI Training 2 - Facial

Added: 2/8/19
You don't think of yourself as an addict but you quite clearly are one: a CUM EATING addict!

I have never known a bitch to be such a cum fiend like you are. You love it!

Cum Fiend for Cleavage CEI

Added: 1/18/19
Everyone is sitting around the table eating delicious turkey or ham. All the while are going to be eating something else...

Holiday Meal CEI
It's straight from the sacred source, right to your mouth every time!

Yoga For Cum Eaters
Now remember that cup I put here.... You're going to prove how much you're dedicated to your new slave lifestyle! Consider this a right of passage.

Turning my boyfriend into my bitch
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