You're a guy with a cum eating fetish, who can't eat his cum. How pathetic is that?!

Ruined So You Can Eat It

Added: 6/23/18
This clip goes out to all those males out there that think that it’s such a big fucking deal to eat your own cum. Are you kidding me?

It's Not That Bad CEI

Added: 5/18/18
I make you stroke your cock for me, teasing you and edging you, making your promise to to as I say. When you cum, I have one final request; I want you to eat.

Seduced Into Eating Your Boy Juice
There is nothing wrong with wanting to eat your own cum. Nothing at all. This clip is for all of you out there that just love the feeling of cumming into your own mouth.

Nothing Wrong With Loving To Eat Cum
I'm going to change all that. I believe you will eat your cum with my help!

Get ready to be hungry. Im going to be the seductress you love to stroke for and your mouth ha to be WIDE open for the finale.

Cum Eating Instructions
One minute youre agreeing to go into trance, the next you are fully aware that you are on the floor, pants around your ankles, covered in cum, shaking with pleasure. I look at you, over My glasses babes, it looks like your imagination has run away with you again, youve cum all over yourself! Well have sex tomorrow. Oh and youve got a little something, right there, in the corner of your mouth.

Covert Cum Conditioning
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