I'm gonna make you eat every last drop after I've teased it out of you.

Sensual CEI Initiation for Goddess
Eating your cum; you’re obsessed. It is the ultimate in submissive behaviour and you KNOW how fucking much it will turn you on…when you can just LET GO and do it!

Softly Sweetly Swallow
Any good little cumslut worth anything will make a big mess being nasty for me - and any good little cumslut will clean it all up with their mouth.

Cumslut Training CEI
Even when I make you cum directly into your own mouth, you still don't swallow.


Added: 11/5/18
You've fantasized about eating your own cum for months, but you've always fallen short.

Eating Cum on Poppers
Who's hungry for some cum today? Yes? No? Either way, you ARE going to be eating that cum for your Princess today.

Sweet Sweet CEI

Added: 9/10/18
You're a guy with a cum eating fetish, who can't eat his cum. How pathetic is that?!

Ruined So You Can Eat It

Added: 6/23/18
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