I know you've been so hesitant to swallow your cum. You've tried so many things, and you just can't do it.

CEI Operant Conditioning
You'll be my good little cumslut, won't you?

Sensual Cum Play

Added: 7/6/19
Would you go as far as to eat your own cum for me?

Smoke Daze Mind Melt Makes You Stroke Edge and Lick It Up

Added: 8/4/19
If you pass you will get the CEI of your life.

The Ultimate CEI Game
…I know you’ve wanted to try cum eating for a while now. I’ve instructed you to do it in the past, using a variety of different methods

Encouraging, Meditational CEI

Added: 6/28/19
You want to eat your own cum. However, when it comes right down to it, you just can’t quite make yourself swallow that load of boy juice.

Just A Tiny Taste

Added: 4/12/19
Cum is meant to be enjoyed. Not just the big moment, not just a quick gulp, but the whole process -- from the first stroke to the last drop.

Enjoy It CEI
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