You little cumsluts are always looking for novel ways to enjoy your load, and I think I have a simple but effective one today

Cum Voyeur CEI

Added: 5/17/19
You so want to go through with eating your cum, but I think what's stopping you is that nothing happens if you don't, right?

Prove It CEI
Si ton cerveau hurle au foutre, il faut écouter tes pulsions

Ecoute ton envie de sperme

Added: 5/26/19
You know what's super hot and kinky? When a guy cums... on... his own face! Its so taboo and sexy, like a porno!

Tricked into a Self Facial
Goddess, make me love eating cum!” NO no NO. It should not taste good, it should be INTENSE and profound. Eating your cum is 1) a deterrent to cumming in the first place 2) a reminder of how inferior you are in the inside. My cum tastes DELICIOUS, your does not. There is a reason for that.

Just Before you CUM....
You've got to stop doing this to yourself - buying cum eating instruction clips and then jerking off all over your stomach or into a tissue. I mean, what's the fucking point?

Just Try It CEI
You should know by now that good boys SWALLOW. You should also know that dirty, perverted boys like yourself take a direct HIT down the back of the throat. Under My instruction you will edge over and over until I trigger you to CUM, and when you do, you will aim your cock DIRECTLY to your mouth SHOOT that creamy gooey load straight into your desperate waiting, salivating mouth!

Unleashing The Cum Guzzler
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