I know you are just as addicted to licking up your load as you are to stroking your dick. This clip is for all the cum sluts.

You want to eat your cum. You fantasize endlessly about it, especially when you're jerking away and edging closer...closer...closer to that payload.

The Best Reason To Eat Your Cum

Added: 4/26/19
Phase One consists of sampling the taste of yourself through your precum, as you’re wildly horny, stroking to Me.

Complete CEI Training Program: Part 1

Added: 4/1/19
We're so sick of guys just eating their cum for us - BORING!

Special CEI - Snort Your Cum for Us
Today you're going to Let It Snow....and lick it up!

Let It Snow

Added: 12/13/18
Today that will take the form of you eating your cum. I don't care if you want it; I'm going to MAKE you want it; you'll see.

Eat Your Cum On Rush

Added: 3/10/18
The title gives it all away. You are going to jerk for Me, ruin your orgasm, and then E4T IT! Hahaha you are so pathetic, I know you'll do it. You do whatever I say because you're a weak, horny little BITCH.

Ruin It and E4t It
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